Ridgid 64273 – Sharp and Smart Functioning

Ridgid 64273

Do you want to know more about Ridgid 64273? Now you can do the detailed inspection and operation on various things with this FlexShaft machine. In this article, I have listed the most requested and demanded Ridgid 64273 that is very easy to set up, saves time and has cordless functioning too.

Ridgid 64273

So please scroll down and have a look at the detailed product review of Rdigid 64273.

Ridgid 64273 FlexShaftLet’s get into some of its Amazing Features:

  • Productivity:

The Ridgid 64273 helps you fasten the setup, cleaning process, productivity, and easy to transport with convenience. 

  • Accurate Cleaning:

It offers wall-to-wall accurate cleaning with chain knockers for expanded full piping cleaning. 

  • Camera Usage:

You can simultaneously use the camera and inspect the pipe at the time of cleaning. 

  • Enclosed System:

The device has a faster setup that saves your time through the enclosed system.

  • Additional Accessories:

This device has a full range of chain knockers, accessories, and brushes, all available with the product. 


So now let’s have a look at the specifications:

  • It weighs 38.2lbs. 
  • It has a draining capacity of 2” to 4”
  • It has a cable diameter of 516”
  • It has a cable assembly length of 70”
  • It has a rotational speed of 2500RPM maximum. 
  • The drill attachment is 5/16” 
  • The operating temperature is 20 degrees Fahrenheit and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. 

There are few inclusions, so let’s have a look:

  • 1 Knocker, K9-204 4”
  • 1 Knocker, K9-204 2”
  • 1 Lubricant, Flexshaft 4 OZ
  • 1 Tool, Hex Key 3 MM T-Handle
  • 1 Tool, Hex Key 4 MM T-Handle
  • 1 Ridgid Manual Pack 
  • 1 Ridgid Tool Bag
  • 1 Sheath for K9-102

Now that you have excess of all the information about this particular product, I would like to say that you must give it a try, the extended efficiency and accuracy can be a great help for you all. Other than that, there are other products from Rdigid that can help you locate, inspect and detect the problems.

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