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Best SPL Meter

Best SPL Meter for Home TheaterImageScoreLink
BAFX Products SPL Meter
BAFX Products SPL Meter4.5buy
Parts Express Mini SPL Meter
Parts Express Mini SPL Meter4.1buy
GoerTek Digital Mini SPL MeterGoerTek Digital Mini SPL Meter4.1buy
Extech 407730 Digital SPL Meter
Extech 407730 Digital SPL Meter4.2buy
Pyle PSPL25 Digital Sound Level Meter
Pyle PSPL25 Digital Sound Level Meter3.9buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing the best SPL Meter for the home theater that is available in the market for noise measurement.

Best SPL Meter for Home Theater

The SPL meters are great devices that help in balancing and calibrating noise and sound levels. Basically, all channels do not get the same frequency causing the television to blare out the sound in some and whisper out the sound in some others. So SPL Meter calibrates the sound level and balanced sound for the home theatre systems. Let us check out the best of the SPL Meters that you can check out for your home theater.

1. BAFX Products SPL MeterBAFX Products SPL Meter

The product is perfect for measuring the minimum and maximum decibel noise value. The backlit display is ideal for the night too and with just one button click the display will show the actual reading immediately. The range is between 30 and 130dba. 

2. Parts Express Mini SPL MeterParts Express Mini SPL Meter

The handheld device is easy to handle, and it is A-weighted too besides the threaded insert that allows the users to mount it on a tripod too. The SPL Meter gets automatic power on/off option and a large ¾” wide display blue screen with the recording.

3. GoerTek Digital Mini SPL MeterGoerTek Digital Mini SPL Meter

This product is ideal for noise measurement. It can measure between 30 and 130DBA. The device calibrates the minimum and maximum value and records it. The recording frequency is between 31.5Hz and 8.5KHz. The power button can go off automatically or manually as well.

4. Extech 407730 Digital SPL MeterExtech 407730 Digital SPL Meter

The product is ideal to measure from a range of 40 to 130DB, and it gives fast recording via an analog graph. The auto power off is a staple requirement of a good SPL Meter and that this device gives besides the max hold function.

5. Pyle PSPL25 Digital Sound Level MeterPyle PSPL25 Digital Sound Level Meter

This handheld Sound Level meter can be in use for the frequency range of 31.5Hz to 8KHz. The device can work in a temperature range of 0 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius. Besides on a low range, it can measure 30 to 100 DB and on a high range from 60 to 130DB.

After a detailed consideration, I have found that the BAFX Products SPL Meter is more appropriate and the most effective one too. The product has a minimum and maximum hold feature, auto power off function and other such features. You can find the products link in table.


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