Best Pex Cinch Tool – Top Crimp Ring Tool

Best Pex Cinch Tool
Best Pex Cinch ToolImageScoreLink
IWISS Pex Cinch Tool
IWISS Pex Cinch Tool4.6buy
Conbraco 69PTKG1096 Pex Cinch ToolConbraco 69PTKG1096 Pex Cinch Tool4.4buy
IWISS F2098 Cinch ToolIWISS F2098 Cinch Tool4.8buy
SharkBite 23251 Pex Cinch Tool
SharkBite 23251 Pex Cinch Tool4.7buy
Watts WPCCT-6 Pex Cinch Tool
Watts WPCCT-6 Pex Cinch Tool3.7buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the best crimp ring tool for crimping clamps.

Best Pex Cinch Tool

If you have the habit of working in your home and doing all the plumbing works on your own, you surely use the crimp ring tool. This Pex Cinch tool is one of the most useful ones to be around for holding the piping in place. It does not require too much effort to fix them. The cinch tool ensures that the clamps are fixed tight and do not slide up or down. Let us check out the best Pex cinch tool in the market right now.

1. IWISS Pex Cinch ToolIWISS Pex Cinch Tool

This pex cinch tool is suitable for working with ASTM F2098 Stainless steel clamps, and though it has factory adjustments to suit all needs, it also gets a calibration tool for any adjustment you wish to make.

2. Conbraco 69PTKG1096 Pex Cinch ToolConbraco 69PTKG1096 Pex Cinch Tool

This is a stainless steel pinch clamp tool that can work with clamps of sizes 3/8inch, ½ inch, ¾ inch and 1inch. The imported pex cinch tool does not work with Zurn Quick Clamp crimp rings, and it gets pex fasteners too.

3. IWISS F2098 Cinch ToolIWISS F2098 Cinch Tool

The pack includes 20 stainless steel clamps of ½” dimension. It can be in use for most of the Pex cinch clamps. It has the right fit and does not require any adjustment for working on any of the stainless steel PEX clamps.

4. SharkBite 23251 Pex Cinch Tool

SharkBite 23251 Pex Cinch ToolThis tool works on ½ Inch PEX, ¾ PEX Copper rings, Barb fittings, and pipe tubings, and it is ideal for the residential and commercial purpose. This tool can be used without any calibration and even when the glue is not yet dry.

5. Watts WPCCT-6 Pex Cinch ToolWatts WPCCT-6 Pex Cinch Tool

The tool gets firm handles for perfect grip and for working with one hand only. The tool can fasten clamps between the size of 3/8 of an inch and 1 inch. The Ratcheting feature of this tool only releases the grip after complete fastening.

After detailed studies, I have found the IWISS Stainless Steel Pex Cinch Tool as the best of the lot. This is functional on a host of stainless steel clamps and does offer the factory settings. You can find the products link in table.


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