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Sky Enterprise USA’s New Oxygen Acetylene kit
Sky Enterprise USA’s New Oxygen Acetylene kit3.1buy
KapscoMoto Professional Oxygen Acetylene kit
KapscoMoto Professional Oxygen Acetylene kit2.5buy
Ameriflame TI350T Oxygen Acetylene Kit
Ameriflame TI350T Oxygen Acetylene Kit3.2buy
Globe House Products Oxygen Acetylene Kit
Globe House Products Oxygen Acetylene Kit3.1buy
Hobart 770502 Medium duty oxy acetylene kitHobart 770502 Medium duty oxy acetylene kit-buy

Hello Guys, today I will be introducing the best, and the safest Oxy-acetylene torches for your metal works.

Best Oxygen Acetylene Torch

Oxy-acetylene torches are one of the most vital tools for welding and joining metalheads or even for cutting metals. However, there are a few differences between the torches for these two purposes. The torches use two tubes, one, emitting oxygen and the other emitting acetylene. These kits available in the market have brass heads, and they are quite durable too. Let us check out some of the best products on the market now.

1. Sky Enterprise USA’s New Oxygen Acetylene kitSky Enterprise USA’s New Oxygen Acetylene kit

The kit is compatible with Victor type and gets three welding tips. The kit comprises hose pips, valves, and regulators for managing the welding. The kit comes in a handy carrying case that is also durable and handy at the same time.Buy-From-Amazon-300x50

2. KapscoMoto Professional Oxygen 

KapscoMoto Professional Oxygen Acetylene kitAcetylene kit

The Biltek Professional oxygen acetylene torch kit comprises valves and regulators for oxygen and acetylene. The kit also comprises twin hoses for the same and there are cylinders for the product.Buy-From-Amazon-300x50

3. Ameriflame TI350T Oxygen Acetylene KitAmeriflame TI350T Oxygen Acetylene Kit

This kit includes cutting, welding, brazing outfit in it for the welders to work easily. There are two 12.5 feet hose set for oxygen and acetylene and two cylinders for these gases too. The product also includes all the regulators and nozzles along with the safety goggles.Buy-From-Amazon-300x50

4. Globe House Products Oxygen Acetylene  KitGlobe House Products Oxygen Acetylene Kit

This compact kit is ideal for heavy-duty construction work, and it comes in a carrying case as well. The kit includes tools for cutting, rivet work, brazing, and soldering. The kit also includes oxygen and acetylene regulators besides welding goggle and tip cleaner.Buy-From-Amazon-300x50

5. Hobart 770502 Medium duty oxygen acetylene kitHobart 770502 Medium duty oxy acetylene kit

This product is suitable for oxygen and acetylene use but if the welder wishes to use the acetylene one for propane, he may do so easily by following the manual. This Medium duty outfit is durable and cost-efficient too.Buy-From-Amazon-300x50

After a detailed study, I find that the Sky Enterprise USA’s New Oxy Acetylene torch kit is the best and the most efficient among all the ones that I have reviewed here. The product gets all the necessary valves and accessories right without compromising on quality. You can find the products link in table.

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