Best Indirect Water Heater for Hard Water – Top Product of 2020

Best Indirect Water Heater for Hard Water

Best Indirect Water Heater for Hard WaterImageScoreLink
Burnham AL35SL heater
Burnham AL35SL heater..4.5buy
Amtrol BoilerMate Indirect water heater
Amtrol BoilerMate Indirect water heater5.0buy
Triangle Tube’s Smart Indirect Water Heater
Triangle Tube’s Smart Indirect Water Heater5.0buy
Buderus SC32 Indirect water heaterBuderus SC32 Indirect water heater-buy
GMO Indirect water heater
GMO Indirect water heater-buy

Hello Guys, today I am going to introduce to you the foremost indirect water heater for hard water.

Best Indirect Water Heater

Those who have hard water surely have a big problem in their house. They might face problems of getting rust-tinted water or even damaged geysers. However, in order to get heated hard water during winters, you might think of installing indirect water heaters. Here we are checking out the top five water heaters for hard water that are available in the market.

1. Burnham AL35SL heaterBurnham AL35SL heater..

The heater from Burnham is ideal for both residential and commercial purpose and gets low heat loss too. This product also gets hydrastone lining inside the tank for long and better heat performance. The coil is mounted on the side, and it is available separately too. The product is easy to install.Buy-From-Amazon-300x50

2. Amtrol BoilerMate Indirect water heaterAmtrol BoilerMate Indirect water heater

This heater gets bottom mount heat exchanger and gets a high-density poly bottle that is suitable for hard water. The 41-gallon capacity gets ¾” NPT and the most important fact is that the molded insulation inside prevents heat loss.Buy-From-Amazon-300x50

Triangle Tube’s Smart Indirect Water Heater

3. Triangle Tube’s Smart Indirect Water Heater

It has a capacity of 36 gallons, and it has a heating water capacity of 6 gallons. The continuous flow is 150 gallons per hour at the temperature of 200F. The heater is ideal for homes, and it can go for heat exchange of 16square ft.Buy-From-Amazon-300x50

Buderus SC32 Indirect water heater4. Buderus SC32 Indirect water heater

This has a capacity of 31.7 gallons, and it comes in four models, all of which get the single coiled heating system. The heater gets a patented Thermoglaze white exterior design. Besides that, the heater also gets magnesium anode rod for heating up the water.Buy-From-Amazon-300x50

5. GMO Indirect water heaterGMO Indirect water heater

The indirect water heater has a capacity of 40 gallons. The heater gets very powerful anode rod and gets one-coil enamel coating. There are low heat loss and guarantee of a long life of ten years too. The heat exchanger surface area is of one square meter.Buy-From-Amazon-300x50

After a lot of research, my top choice will be the product of Burnham AL35SL. This product is highly energy saving and even is suitable for all purposes with a good exchanger system.You can find the products link in table.


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