Best Homebrew Pump – Beer Pump Reviews Of 2020

Best Homebrew Pump
Best Homebrew PumpImageScoreLink
Watershed Innovations Mini Hydra PumpWatershed Innovations Mini Hydra Pump3.3buy
Bayite BYT-7A015 DC Circulation pumpBayite BYT-7A015 DC Circulation pump3.9buy
Taprite Bronco Keg Pump
Taprite Bronco Keg Pump4.2buy
SEAFLO-42 SERIES Industrial PumpSEAFLO-33 SERIES Industrial Pump4.7buy
CHUGGER PUMP CPPS-In-1 Beer Pump3.8buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the best Homebrew beer pumps available in 2020.

Best Homebrew Pump

Those who are planning to brew beer at home, know that it is worth the effort and the beer that you will get will be of great quantity too. In order to brew beer at home, you will need a few tools and ingredients. One of the most essential items that you will require is the beer pump. You are aware of the way cool temperature is a must for beer and there will be times you might need to transfer the beer you make from one keg to another. In anyways, you will surely need a beer pump. A few reputed brands make beer pumps to help you in the process. Let us check these out.

1. Watershed Innovations Mini Hydra Pump

Watershed Innovations Mini Hydra Pump

The heavy-duty pump operates at 114V from a wall socket with up to 330GPH pumping capacity. It is made of strong material with metal hose connection, and yet it is portable and perfect for household or other applications too besides helping in brewing and transferring beer.

2. Bayite BYT-7A015 DC Circulation pump

Bayite BYT-7A015 DC Circulation pump

The circulation pump gets a DC power supply and has a low noise adapter. It is a non-self-priming pump. The maximum flow rate is 2.1GPM. The maximum system pressure is 145PSI that means it can be connected to the system less than 145PSI.

3. Taprite Bronco Keg Pump

Taprite Bronco Keg Pump

The pump gets a Pressure release vent that eliminates any foam from forming. This is ideal for single valve kegs and is convenient because it is compact and comes with a strong metal tapping base. The product gets a high volume air pump, tubing, and faucet.

4. SEAFLO-42 SERIES Industrial Pump

SEAFLO-33 SERIES Industrial Pump

The product gets a power plug for a wall outlet and gets self-priming up to 6 vertical feet. The 3.3 GPM Flow capacity and the adjustable pressure switch turns on or off at 45PSI. The pump gets 115V AC Current and draws 75 amps.



The portable product gets a 55” cord with plug, an inlet of 1/2”x outlet of ½”. The USFDA Compliant beer pump also gets a certificate from ETL. The circulator pump transfers allow the flow of hot and cold liquids between brewing vessels and kettles.

After a lot of assessments, I have chosen the Watershed Innovations as the best product. With an impressive 330GPH speed for the portable transfer water pump, the beer pump is ideal. You can find the products link in table.

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  1. Watershed Innovations Mini Hydra Pump requires You to add vegetable oil to pump to prime it. I am not sure any home brewer would like any oil in their wort. There are many complaints about this issue in the reviews and also it is posted that is the process for priming the pump. Not a good pump for brewing, sorry.

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