Best 9mm Reloading Dies – Top 5 Reloading Dies of 2021

9mm Reloading Dies

Choosing a new reloader might get a little confusing as well as intimidating to anyone. Well, if you ask me, then choosing a die is the easiest part of all of it! Although there are various brands to choose from and each of them is slightly different in the matter of features and performance. To make your search easy, and help you find the best fitting dies, go through this article.  

Best 9mm Reloading Dies

Best 9mm Reloading DiesImageScoreLink
Lee Deluxe Carbide 9mm Reloading DiesLee Deluxe Carbide 9mm Reloading Dies4.8buy
Hornady Custom Grade Reloading DiesHornady Custom Grade Reloading Dies4.8buy
Lyman Reloading 9mm Luger PistolLyman Reloading 9mm Luger Pistol4.8buy
RCBS 9mm Reloading DiesRCBS 9mm Reloading Dies4.8buy
Lee Precision 9mm Reloading DiesLee Precision 9mm Reloading Dies5.0buy

Please scroll further to read all the detailed reviews and our personal favorite’s from the top five latest best 9mm reloading dies available.

1. Lee Deluxe Carbide 9mm Reloading Dies

Lee Deluxe Carbide 9mm Reloading DiesThe best set of dies; with high-quality standards. 

Key Features:

  • It reloads accurate ammunition every time the dies are used.
  • It is compatible even to load a 9 mm.
  • This set has full-length sizing die, powder through expanding die, bullet seating die, factory Crimp Die.
  • The Factory Crimp Die assures the die will chamber properly in the gun.


2. Hornady Custom Grade Reloading Dies

Hornady Custom Grade Reloading DiesThe perfect set of dies for resizing pistol brass 

Key Features:

  • It has a coating of Titanium Nitride and requires no lubrication.
  • The smooth coating reduces abrasion, and won’t scratch your cases. 
  • The Zip Spindle design of the die locks to eliminate slippage.
  • The lock rings lock the dies into a proper position for precise adjustment.


3. Lyman Reloading 9mm Luger Pistol

Lyman Reloading 9mm Luger PistolA spot-on gauge at a fair price.

Key Features:

  • It helps to prevent stoppages correctly.
  • It checks all critical dimensions of pistol ammunition for proper functioning.
  • It is made with precision with 100 per cent reliability. 
  • It checks the Case length, cartridge dimensions and maximum cartridge length.


4. RCBS 9mm Reloading Dies

RCBS 9mm Reloading DiesA must-buy set of dies, with all the needful features. 

Key Features:

  • This set has; Carbide Sizer Die, Seater Die, and Bullet Seater Plug.
  • It is precisely drilled and reamed to match standards of the finest gun mechanisms.
  • It is made from case hardened steel.
  • It has vents to prevent case damage.


5. Lee Precision 9mm Reloading Dies

Lee Precision 9mm Reloading DiesA whole set of reloading dies for productive and efficient use.

Key Features:

  • It has a universal shell holder.
  • It is optimized for 9mm Luger ammunition.
  • This kit has three dies; full-length sizing, bullet seating, and powder-thru expanding die.
  • It comes with a powder dipper.


My pick from all the mentioned is the Lee Deluxe Carbide 9mm Reloading Dies. The set comes in an airtight packed die box. This set comes with the other exclusive features to match the standards with the pistol dies, making this the best die set that you can buy at a fair price.

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  1. Redding makes the best dies period. We have used them all. Redding fit , finish and finished product are superb

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