3 Bank Onboard Battery Charger Reviews of 2021


Having a boat but with no marine battery charger sounds tiring enough. Without it, you will have to remove the batteries and charge them with regular chargers, and that is just too much work. The best option is to buy a three-bank onboard battery charger for a hassle-free time while boating. Today I have reviewed five 3 bank onboard chargers that are available online.

3 Bank Onboard Battery Charger

3 Bank Onboard Battery ChargerImageScoreLink
Minn Kota Precision Onboard ChargerMinn Kota Precision Onboard Charger4.9buy
NOCO Genius 3 Bank Onboard ChargerNOCO Genius 3 Bank Onboard Charger4.7buy
Minn Kota 3 Bank Onboard Battery ChargerMinn Kota 3 Bank Onboard Battery Charger4.8buy
ProMariner ProSport Onboard ChargerProMariner ProSport Onboard Charger4.4buy
NOCO Genius 12V Onboard Battery ChargerNOCO Genius 12V Onboard Battery Charger4.9buy

Please scroll below to know all the detailed reviews and our personal favorites from the top five; 3 bank onboard battery chargers available.

1. Minn Kota Precision On Board Charger

Minn Kota Precision Onboard ChargerFantastic design and efficient performance. 

Key Features:

  • It has auto-temperature compensation to adjust temperature fluctuations and deliver fast charging. 
  • It has battery equalization that cleans and protects the battery every time you plugin. 
  • It has a microprocessor-based design that offers faster and precise charging.
  • It has low-line voltage compensation that gives a fast, consistent charge.


2. NOCO Genius 3 Bank On Board Charger

NOCO Genius 3 Bank Onboard ChargerA fully-automatic smart marine charger.

Key Features:

  • It protects against sparks, overcharging, overcurrent, open-circuits, short-circuits, and overheating.
  • It optimizes internal battery chemistry for increased performance and longevity.
  • It applies a high-voltage pulse charge when low-voltage, sulfation, or lost capacity is detected.
  • It can charge two times faster than traditional battery chargers.


3. Minn Kota 3 Bank Onboard Battery Charger

Minn Kota 3 Bank Onboard Battery ChargerAn excellent battery charger for your boat.

Key Features:

  • It has a digitally-controlled microprocessor design that protects the batteries in the water for a longer time. 
  • It charges up to 2 times faster in high temperatures.
  • It has auto-temperature compensation that delivers fast charging and protects the batteries from overcharging.
  • It has undergone a saltwater test and is fully resistant to corrosion.


4. ProMariner ProSport On Board Charger

ProMariner ProSport Onboard ChargerA Gen-3 heavy-duty recreational series onboard marine battery charger

Key Features:

  • It is 100% waterproof and shockproof, providing cooler operation and more excellent reliability. 
  • It has a microprocessor and software-controlled pulse charging technology that gives a 40% lighter design and faster charging.
  • It has battery bank trouble status indicators to show if a fault is present on a specific battery bank.
  • It has a storage recondition mode that automatically reconditions all batteries once a month for maximum battery life and performance.


5. NOCO Genius 12V Onboard Battery Charger

NOCO Genius 12V Onboard Battery ChargerA Fully-Automatic Smart Marine Charger.

Key Features:

  • It auto repairs itself and reverses any battery damage.
  • It can auto-detect sulfation and acid stratification. 
  • It has 6 volt and 12-volt lithium-ion batteries.
  • It has a force mode that starts auto charging batteries below 1-volt.


My pick from all the mentioned 3 Bank onboard chargers is the one from Minn Kota Store. It has an incredible design, auto temperature compensation, battery equalizer, and so many features that make it the best option to buy. 

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