Best Glue for Shoe Sole Repair – Permanent Bond

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Having a torn sole can be tiresome. Have a look at the best glue for shoe soles to repair your boots in no time. In this article, I have listed the top 5 best glue for shoe soles that are most recommended and have a permanent bond solution.

Best Glue for Shoe Sole Repair

Best Glue for Shoe Sole RepairImageLink
Shoe Goo Repair AdhesiveShoe Goo Repair Adhesivebuy
Shoe-Fix Shoe GlueShoe-Fix Shoe Gluebuy
GEAR AID Shoe Repair GlueGEAR AID Shoe Repair Gluebuy
Shoe-Bond Shoe GlueShoe-Bond Shoe Gluebuy

So what are you waiting for, have a look at the products and pick one. 

1. Shoe Goo Repair Adhesive

Shoe Goo Repair Adhesive

  • It is a protective glue that offers a powerful coating for leather, rubber, canvas, vinyl and more. 
  • It also helps to rebuild, protect and bond the shoe with permanent solutions and repair it perfectly. 
  • It is also an excellent sealant that you can use for patching small holes, and this one offers a waterproof bond. 
  • It creates extra traction and can be used on skateboards as well; it is a must-try glue for repairing your shoes.


2. Shoe-Fix Shoe Glue

Shoe-Fix Shoe Glue

  • It is an easy to use professional grade shoe repair glue with impeccable strength to bond. 
  • It is an instant solution with no clamping through which you can reattach your sole easily. 
  • It also creates a flexible bond that is unaffected by cold, heat or even moisture and thus, it is perfect for every type of weather. 
  • It is formulated with a special lasting bond that stays strong on your shoes and works on rubber and vinyl material. 


3. GEAR AID Shoe Repair Glue

GEAR AID Shoe Repair Glue

  • It is a long-lasting repair glue that is specially built to seal leaks on boots, shoes and even cleats. 
  • It is a durable shoe repair glue that offers you a permanent bond to soles and heels and even dries clearly.
  • It works on flexible rubber that won’t crack over time or even peel off, and it comes in very handy packaging. 
  • It is a superior abrasion-resistant super glue that is compatible with leather, rubber, suede, neoprene and canvas. 


4. TEOYAFLY Shoe Glue


  • It is a super glue that is made for professional use and helps you repair the shoe for the longest time. 
  • It is also different from all the other types of glue as this one is quick-drying glue and is durable. 
  • It also has a stronger waterproof function that is remarkable and can withstand water for 24 hours. 
  • It is formulated to use on various footwear materials and can work perfectly well on boots, climbing shoes, dress shoes and more. 


5. Shoe-Bond Shoe Glue

Shoe-Bond Shoe Glue

  • It can help you repair and restore the shoe sole as it has a simple solution to save your time, money and resources. 
  • It offers a tough yet flexible seal bond that delivers a secured sealing to withstand harsh conditions. 
  • It is a multi-purpose and versatile glue that can fix sandals, heels and sneakers in less time. 
  • It is also very accurate and can give you a good amount of precision whenever needed with high viscosity.


In my opinion, ShoeGoo Adhesive is the best one. It quickly acts on the damage and can fix a large variety of shoes.

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