Best Farrier Rasp – Top Five Farrier Rasp of 2020

Best Farrier Rasp
Best Farrier RaspImageScoreLink
Nicholson Farrier Handy Rasp
Nicholson Farrier Handy Rasp4.0buy
Bellota Mini Rasp
Bellota Mini Rasp4.2buy
Heller Black Master RaspHeller Black Master Rasp4.9buy
Partrade Tanged Hoof Rasp
Partrade Tanged Hoof Rasp4.5buy
Diamond Farrier HR14N Rasp
Diamond Farrier HR14N Rasp4.5buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the best of Farrier Rasps available in the market.

Best Farrier Rasp

If you have a horse whose shoes need trimming, what do you do? You may hire a professional to do it for you once or twice. But having a proper Farrier Rasp will be an excellent investment for your regular hoof trimming works. While trimming hooves, people have to take care of splintering it off or cut too close. The best reason to go for the farrier rasps is to give a smooth finish without causing any damage to the hooves. Though many people prefer to use files for the same, the farrier rasps are nevertheless useful tools. These also get cushion grips and handles for the users to trim easily. Let us check the best of the Farrier rasps available in the market now. 

1. Nicholson Farrier Handy Rasp 

Nicholson Farrier Handy RaspThe product gets a cushion grip and has a rectangular shape with rasp cut teeth on one side for the aggressive removal of material. The product has double-cut teeth on the reverse side for the rapid removal of material. The cushion grip on the tip and forged handle for comfort is the best solution for your regular use. 

2. Bellota Mini Rasp

Bellota Mini RaspThe product is 13 inches long and includes a handle. This is a handy tool for work on foals, ponies and miniature horses. It is made from special chromium steel for lasting durability. The handle helps in easy trimming work by beginners. 

3. Heller Black Master Rasp

Heller Black Master RaspThe Heller rasp has a unique file pattern to remove the hooves with little effort and lead to a smooth finish. The small teeth with more concentrated pattern give efficient cut in dry environments or for harder hooved horses. This is ideal for dry weather conditions.

4. Partrade Tanged Hoof Rasp

Partrade Tanged Hoof RaspThe 14 –inch rasp is excellent for a beginner to try his or her hand at trimming the hooves. There are teeth on one side and file on the other side. The product is made of hard metal with non-rusting properties. 

5. Diamond Farrier HR14N Rasp

Diamond Farrier HR14N RaspThe product measures 14” and is made of highly durable material. It is a multi-tool accessory and has special platers. The double extra thin horse rasp has teeth on one side and file teeth on the other side. The tool is sharper than regular horse rasps for use on racehorses. 

After a lot of research, my choice is the Nicholson 18155N 14” Farrier Handy Rasp and File. The product is ideal for aggressive removal of material. It has single cut teeth on edges for smoothing. You can find the products link in the table.

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