Best VST for Trap Beats – Top 5 Plugins for Trap Beats of 2021

Best VST for Trap Beats

Old are the days when you had to have so many hardware systems and equipment to create the perfect rhythm. With Vst plugins, everything is just a click away! With vst plugins, music is easily accessible and much easier to make. 

Best VST for Trap Beats

Best VST for Trap BeatsImageScoreLink
Beat Machine 2 by Dope SonixBeat Machine 2 by Dope Sonix5.0Untitled-1
BreakTweaker Expansion by iZotopeBreakTweaker Expansion by iZotope4.0Untitled-1
Maschine Hip Hop by ProducertechMaschine Hip Hop by Producertech5.0Untitled-1
Trap Bundle by Exclusive BundlesTrap_Bundle by Exclusive Bundles4.0Untitled-1
Patchworx Trap Massive X PresetsPatchworx Trap Massive X Presets4.0Untitled-1

Please scroll down to read all the complete reviews and our selected favourites from the top five best vst for trap beats available.

1. Beat Machine 2 by Dope Sonix

Beat Machine 2 by Dope SonixA pre-mixed and equalized and improved quality of sounds. 

Key Features:

  • You get 600 drum kits and 300 stereo kits.
  • It has built-in flexible pitch and drive controls.
  • It has updated five drum pads for touchscreen users.
  • It has an inbuilt analogue style reverb.

2. BreakTweaker Expansion by iZotope

BreakTweaker Expansion by iZotopeThis is a treasure of heavy, dusty and vintage beats.

Key Features:

  • This pack has over 200 drum machine samples.
  • You will get a taste of crunchy old school music.
  • You can choose from 50 kits and 12 patterns each.
  • You will get tons of presets in this pack.

3. Maschine Hip Hop by Producertech

Maschine Hip Hop by ProducertechA pack of energetic, vibrant drum tracks.

Key Features:

  • You can layer and process multiple drum sounds.
  • Get to learn all the tips for designing, sequencing, and mixing uniquely. 
  • All the courses in the pack are easily accessible for 24/7. 
  • You get to learn a variety of styles using native instruments.

4. Trap Bundle by Exclusive Bundles

Trap_Bundle by Exclusive BundlesWith this pack, you can create the perfect mix that you want.

Key Features:

  • The engine is in analogue style.
  • It has four distortions from dark-drive, overdrive, grunge and tube.
  • You get a visualizer to know the proper working of distortions.
  • You get an entirely resizable interface.

5. Patchworx Trap Massive X Presets

Patchworx Trap Massive X PresetsAn unmissable collection of heavy and clear sounds 

Key Features:

  • This pack comes with 64 MIDI files. 
  • The total content in this pack is 112MB.
  • You can use it with any modern trap, rap or hip-hop. 
  • All the audio you get is for 24 bit.

My pick from all the mentioned best vst for trap beats is the Beat Machine 2 by Dope Sonix. With an all-new updated pack of trap beats with improved quality of sounds, for tablet and touchpads, and great inbuilt controls. You can find the products link in table.

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