Best Rhodes VST – Top 5 Plugins for Rhodes of 2021

Rhodes VST

I know there are numerous of Rhodes VST that you get online. And Rhodes is a well-known brand when I come to deliver excellent sound quality and countless hits. Please scroll down to read all the detailed reviews and our personal favorite’s from the top five Best Rhodes VST available.

Best Rhodes VST

Best Rhodes VSTImageScoreLink
Velvet 2 by Air Music TechnologyVelvet 2 by Air Music Technology5.0Untitled-1
Crate Digger by Dope SonixCrate Digger by Dope Sonix4.0Untitled-1
Mark One by XLN AudioMark One by XLN Audio5.0Untitled-1
Phaser by KuassaPhaser by Kuassa5.0Untitled-1
XILS 201 Vocoder by XILS LabXILS 201 Vocoder by XILS Lab5.0Untitled-1

1. Velvet 2 by Air Music Technology

Velvet 2 by Air Music TechnologyA virtual electronic piano with built-in effects.

Key Features:

  • You get a parametric mid band for quick tone shaping.
  • You will get built-in recordings of five legendary instruments.
  • It comes with vintage distortion, modulation and amplifier effects.
  • You get three reverbs like ambience, spring and room

2. Crate Digger by Dope Sonix

Crate Digger by Dope SonixUnlimited beats made possible with dope Sonix.

Key Features:

  • It has built-in flexible pitch and drive controls.
  • You get 16 volume and pan controls.
  • It comes with a built-in analog style reverb.
  • It will consume significantly less of your CPU usage.

3. Mark One by XLN Audio

Mark One by XLN AudioXLN is a breathe.

Key Features:

  • The recordings that you get are of exceptional quality.
  • You get a varied range of sculpting tools.
  • It has incredibly faster load times.
  • You get a wide range of sounds to choose from.

4. Phaser by Kuassa

Phaser by KuassaA phase shifter that produces a very low yet pleasing melody. 

Key Features:

  • In each unit, you get three models of modulation. 
  • You get two modes: mono and stereo.
  • It has a mild phasing effect that works great for a clean tone.
  • It gives out an intense effect.

5. XILS 201 Vocoder by XILS Lab

XILS 201 Vocoder by XILS LabGet exceptional clarity of sound with two filter banks.

Key Features:

  • It has a fine and sharp twenty band filter vocoder.
  • You get four built-in effects: reverb, delay, chorus, phaser.
  • It has two filter banks; each offers twenty frequency bands. 
  • All the parameters are MIDI controllable. 

My pick from all the mentioned Best Rhodes VST, is the Velvet 2 by Air Music Technology. There are plenty of features such as easy mapping, powerful preamp section, and unprecedented sound quality. You can find the products link in table.

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