Best Pickup For Nylon String Guitar – Top 5 Pickups of 2021


Hey! Before I begin, let me assume that you are looking for something to amplify your guitar instead of spending on a whole new electrical guitar. And let me say that is the best option to go for! A pickup helps you get that natural acoustic yet amplified sound. Calling pickups to be the “heart of a guitar” seems no wrong. Pickups convert the strings’ vibrations to electrical signals, thus boosting and amplifying the volume. 

Best Pickup For Nylon String Guitar

Best Pickup For Nylon String GuitarImageScoreLink
Fishman Neo-D Acoustic PickupFishman Acoustic Pickup4.3buy
KNA NG-1 Piezo PickupKNA NG-1 Piezo Pickup4.2buy
KNA Pickups Acoustic GuitarKNA Pickups Acoustic Guitar4.2buy
EMG ACS Acoustic Guitar Soundhole PickupEMG ACS Acoustic Guitar Pickup4.4buy
KNA Portable Piezo Pickup KNA Portable Pickup3.9buy

Please scroll down to read all the detailed reviews and our personal favorite’s from the top five best pickups for nylon string guitars available.

1. Fishman Neo-D Magnetic Humbucker Acoustic Pickup

Fishman Acoustic PickupA fantastic and easy fit guitar pickup. 

Key Features:

  • It has a low-profile, high-impedance design does not need a battery.
  • It can easily fit into sound holes as small as 98.5 mm diameter.
  • It has stacked coils to eliminate unwanted noise.
  • The Neodymium magnet structure gives exceptional string balance and sparkling acoustic clarity.


2. KNA NG-1 Piezo Pickup for Nylon String Guitar

KNA NG-1 Piezo PickupIt is a natural, detachable piezo pickup solution for nylon-string guitars.

Key Features:

  • It efficiently delivers the natural sound of the nylon-string guitar.
  • It installs safely on the tie bar using the tension of the strings.
  • It comes complete with an 8 foot detachable, easily replaceable cable. 
  • The 8-inch cable can be detached or remain installed when not in use.


3. KNA Pickups Acoustic Guitar

KNA Pickups Acoustic GuitarThis pickup delivers the natural sound of your steel-string guitar.

Key Features:

  • It can be fitted in without making a hole in the instrument.  
  • It is encased in mahogany wood, so is lightweight and looks modest.
  • After installing the instrument needs no modification. 
  • It comes with an 8 inch detachable and a replaceable cable.


4. EMG ACS Acoustic Guitar Soundhole Pickup

EMG ACS Acoustic Guitar PickupThe one-stop solution for a great amplified acoustic guitar tone.

Key Features:

  • It has an extensive frequency range and an authentic acoustic tone.
  • The internal preamp is tuned to match the phase and frequency of an acoustic guitar.
  • It has a magnetic design that reduces feedback at loud volumes.
  • It has an active soundhole pickup for acoustic guitar.


5. KNA Portable Piezo Pickup for Nylon String

KNA Portable PickupThe perfect nylon string guitar pickup for guitarists to amplify the natural sound

Key Features:

  • It comes with an 8-foot, 1/8inch to 1/4inch mini cable.
  • It is a detachable passive piezo pickup to amplify nylon string guitar.
  • It attaches safely and securely and is held in place by string tension.
  • After installing, there is no need for instrument modification.


My pick from all the mentioned is the Fishman Neo-D Magnetic Humbucker Acoustic Pickup. Fishman is known to help musicians get the authentic sounds through their guitars and guitar pickups. The Fishman Neo-D Magnetic Pickup is the fantastic fit to acoustic guitars, to get the purest sound and a perfect magnetic structure that needs no battery.

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