Best Mono Cartridges for Ultimate Sound Quality – Top 5 Products

Best Mono Cartridges

Best Mono CartridgesImageScoreLink
Shure M78S Wide Groove Monophonic cartridgeShure M78S Wide Groove Monophonic cartridge4.0buy
Audio-Technica AT-MONO3/LPAudio-Technica AT-MONO3LP4.8buy
Audio-Technica AT-MONO3/SPAudio-Technica AT-MONO3SP4.0buy
Audio-Technica VM610MONO Mono CartridgeAudio-Technica VM610MONO Mono Cartridge5.0buy
DENON DL-102 Mono CartridgeDENON DL-102 Mono Cartridge4.5buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the top five mono cartridges for the 78Rpm turntables.

Best Mono Cartridges

If you are a DJ or someone with a massive collection of 78rpms vinyl that you do listen with care, then you might be aware of the mono cartridges that make the turntable function smoothly. Mono cartridges are ideal for mono recordings, and they create the best playback on phonograph vinyl. Let us check out the top five Mono cartridges that every audiophile can check before investing in one of them.

1. Shure M78S Wide Groove Monophonic cartridgeShure M78S Wide Groove Monophonic cartridge

The product comprises of a mounting kit for the mounting of the cartridge on the headshell. It also has a stylus guard thereby making it durable. The stylus tip is diamond wide spherical, and it gives low record wear while giving superior vinyl audio production.


2. Audio-Technica AT-MONO3/LPAudio-Technica AT-MONO3LP

Audio-Technica has come up with this cartridge that gets Japanese imported MC type cartridge. The moving coil cartridge does not get headshell but this cartridge is ideal in reducing the clicks and other such noise while playing the vinyl. The tracks are always going to be in high-quality output only.

3. Audio-Technica AT-MONO3/SPAudio-Technica AT-MONO3SP

The Audio-Technica has come up with Japanese imported MC type moving coil Mono cartridge. The product is ideal to use on 78rpm vinyl and the sound quality of the audio is also far better. The product is also easy to mount on the headshell of the gramophone.

4. Audio-Technica VM610MONO Mono CartridgeAudio-Technica VM610MONO Mono Cartridge

The cartridge from Audio-Technica gets par toroidal coils that increase the efficiency. The low resonance polymer housing and the aluminum cantilever are all features that impart more power and performance to the stereo Turntable. The mono body left, and right body channels reduce the noise on the surface level.

5. DENON DL-102 Mono CartridgeDENON DL-102 Mono Cartridge

The product is ideal for producing a high-quality output of Monoaural Moving Coil. The cartridge has a playback frequency range between 50Hz to 10KHz. The 17 Micron diamond tipped needle is going to go for an applicable load of 1 kiro ohms

After spending a lot of time in finding the best cartridge for the phonograph, my final choice is the Shure M78S Wide Groove Cartridge. You can find the products link in table.

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