Best Microphone For Hi-Hats – Record the Smallest Sound Crystal Clear

Best Microphone For Hi-Hats

The microphone is essential to any band performing live shows, and Hi-Hats are the lowest sounding frequencies. Yet, it is a crucial element to the overall drum beat as it provides a cheerful tone while cutting the distortion with its low-sounding white noise.

Best Microphone For Hi-Hats

Best Microphone
For Hi-Hats
Shure SM81-LC
Shure SM81-LC Microphonebuy
sE7 MicrophonesE7 Microphonebuy
AKG C 451 B
AKG C 451 B Microphonebuy
Sennheiser E614
Sennheiser E614 Microphonebuy
Rode M3 MicrophoneRode M3 Microphonebuy

If you want your Hi-Hats to be present in your live shows, all you need is a sensitive microphone, and in this article, we have listed the top five best microphones for Hi-Hats.

1. Shure SM81-LC Microphone

Shure SM81-LC MicrophoneFeatures:

  • Shure microphone is a popular industry-standard microphone used by many live drum performers.
  • It comes with a 3-position switch to adjust the frequency level, which can get you the output of your choice.
  • It is a versatile microphone; you can also use it with other drum instruments.
  • The build quality is on par, and you can use it indoors and outdoors without worrying about getting damaged.


2. sE7 Microphone

sE7 MicrophoneFeatures:

  • sE7 is an affordable and reliable alternative to the Shuri microphone. It fulfills the requirements just right.
  • It features a switchable high-pass filter and pre-attenuation pad for around the price of $100 only.
  • Its small diaphragm accurately captures the Hi-Hats sounds while eliminating the bleeding from other drum equipment.
  • Thanks to its compact design, you can place it above the Hi-Hats and play drums without worrying about hitting the mic.


3. AKG C 451 B Microphone

AKG C 451 B MicrophoneFeatures:

  • AKG, a subsidiary of Samsung, produces premium audio equipment at a high price with features that are on par with its competition.
  • Its small diaphragm is sensitive and captures the rich transient signals perfectly.
  • It is a value-for-money microphone that cuts the clutter of EQing and mixes your Hi-Hats.
  • You can use this microphone in the studio, live gigs, or anywhere else; you get assured results.


4. Sennheiser E614 Microphone

Sennheiser E614 MicrophoneFeatures:

  • It is a high-quality microphone for Hi-Hats with robust build quality and excellent sound sensing technology.
  • It offers a great Hi-Hats sound result that requires no time-consuming tuning and mixing.
  • It has a straightforward application of use. You need a stand, a suitable plug, and an amplifier or DAW.
  • It is suited for all types of Hi-Hats available in the market and will provide the sound of your preference.


5. Rode M3 Microphone

Rode M3 MicrophoneFeatures:

  • It has a built-in battery, so you don’t have to rely on an external power supply.
  • Its adjustable roll-off bass & pad are great for removing pops and clicks & lowering the likelihood of feedback.
  • The mic has a stylish design, and the fixed polarized condenser is durable enough to use in intense conditions.
  • It is an excellent microphone for an in-house studio and works even better in live play.


That’s a top-five pick from our end; if we have to pick one, it would be Shure SM81-LC. It is a high-quality microphone for Hi-Hats with great sound sensing technology and provides the leisure of minor to no editing at all. Plus, it is reliable for long-term use.

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