Best Haze Machine – Top 5 Haze Machine of 2020

Best Haze Machine
Best Haze MachineImageScoreLink
Chauvet 2D Hurricane Haze MachineChauvet 2D Hurricane Haze Machine3.9buy
Antari Fog ANF350 Haze MachineAntari Fog ANF350 Haze Machine4.4buy
Rockville Haze MachineRockville Haze Machine3.3buy
ADJ Haze MachineADJ Haze Machine3.7buy
Froggys Fog Titan Hazer MachineFroggys Fog Titan Hazer Machine5.0buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the Best Haze Machines available in the market. 

Best Haze Machine

What makes a stage performance more exciting and engaging are the effects you put up. This has been the reason for organizers to use haze machines or smoke machines. Nevertheless, the smoke machines are different from the haze machine. The hazers operate continuously on their own and can run on haze fluid only. The haze machines can be oil-based or water-based, and they do not take time for warming up. Modern hazers come with adjustable settings to manage the thickness of the haze. They are ideally used with the lighting to give optimum effects. Many brands have come up with the best haze machines in the market.

1. Chauvet 2D Hurricane Haze Machine

Chauvet 2D Hurricane Haze MachineThe product works with an adjustable blower output machine with continuous output. The product has a digital display to set DMX and other timer wired remotes to help in easy production. The hazer has a nozzle to direct the flow of the haze in the direction of your choice.

2. Antari Fog ANF350 Haze Machine

Antari Fog ANF350 Haze MachineThe product comes with the FAZER Effect advanced pumping and fan system. It uses water-based fluid and leaves no residue. The built-in DMX controls and can run up to 60 hours on one gallon of liquid. There is a spill-proof reservoir to ensure no fluid spills in any position.

3. Rockville Haze Machine

Rockville Haze MachineThe hazer has built-in feet and handles along with brackets for truss mount. It is a water-based hazer and comes with automatic hazing mode. There is a long-range wireless remote for controlling. Besides, the 2-channel DMX controls offer better management of fan and haze thickness.

4. ADJ Haze Machine

ADJ Haze MachineThe haze machine is ideal for giving any special effects for the stage. It does not take time to warm up and has an output of 1000 cubic feet per minute. The product uses oil-based liquid only and has a tank capacity of 1.25liter.

5. Froggys Fog Titan Hazer Machine

Froggys Fog Titan Hazer MachineThe hazer can cover over 4000 cubic feet per minute, and the H2 Hazer is ideal for any small to the medium stage. The 1150watt heater core offers continuous output and can fill the room in less than 2 minutes. The super quiet machine is ideal for direct direction with the adjustable scoop.

After a lot of contemplation, my choice is the Chauvet 2D Hurricane Haze. The hazer comes with adjustable speed control to change the thickness as per your needs. The remote control helps in managing this with ease. You can find the products link in table.

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