Best Harpsichord VST – Top 5 Plugins for Harpsichord of 2021

Harpsichord VST

If you have reached this article, I certainly know that you are looking for an excellent sounding Harpsichord VST plugin to use for your music edits and mixing. Although Harpsichords are not used by most of them, they do have sharp and unique sound quality. Please scroll down to read all the detailed reviews and our personal favourites from the top five best harpsichord VST available.

Best Harpsichord VST

Best Harpsichord VSTImageScoreLink
Harpsichord by Organic LoopsHarpsichord by Organic Loops4.0Untitled-1
Newmello Collection by WavesfactoryNewmello Collection by Wavesfactory4.0Untitled-1
Demonic Virtuoso by WavesfactoryDemonic Virtuoso by Wavesfactory4.0Untitled-1
Funk & Soul Keys by Organic LoopsFunk & Soul Keys by Organic Loops4.0Untitled-1
Clavinet V by ArturiaClavinet V by Arturia3.0Untitled-1

1. Harpsichord by Organic Loops

Harpsichord by Organic LoopsA fully packed jam with a wide range of genres. 

Key Features:

  • It has 300 loops with different music styles, keys and tempos.
  • The loops are in the range of 90-128 BMP.
  • You will get a total of 1.34 GB, with 375 WAV files.
  • It has three soft sampler patches.

2. Newmello Collection by Wavesfactory

Newmello Collection by WavesfactoryThis is a great buy to spice up your music production game. 

Key Features:

  • It allows you to use loops and velocity maps, so you get a nice mix.
  • It has rack effects so that you can select the DSP effects of your choice.
  • It has a nice purge, so your computer loads only the current patch.
  • You will get a high-quality equalizer.

3. Demonic Virtuoso by Wavesfactory

Demonic Virtuoso by WavesfactoryThere is no difference between this plugin and the original instrument. 

Key Features:

  • It is recorded with three microphone positions: Close, Decca and outrigger. 
  • The GUI lets you control each mic separately.
  • It has 40 custom impulse responses.
  • You will get four round-robin for the perfect variations.

4. Funk & Soul Keys by Organic Loops

Funk & Soul Keys by Organic LoopsThis pack is all about the 1960s set up.

Key Features:

  • The tempos you will get is 73-125BPM.
  • It includes piano, organ, clavinet and electric piano. 
  • You will get a total of 1.08 GB in 24-bit WAV format.
  • Each loop has full Dubmatix effects.

5. Clavinet V by Arturia

Clavinet V by ArturiaIconic, inimitable and just the right sound for you!

Key Features:

  • This pack includes 74 factory presets.
  • It has four lower and upper pickup combinations. 
  • It comes with an audio equalizer, with bass, treble control.
  • It is an advanced mode for editing the whole model itself.

My pick from all the mentioned VST, for Harpsichord is from Organic Loops. The ratings are pretty good, for its sound quality, value for money and is easy to use. You can find the products link in table.

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