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Best Groovebox

Best Groovebox EverImageScoreLink
Novation Circuit Groovebox
Novation Circuit Groovebox4.2buy
Korg ELECTRIBE Groovebox
Korg ELECTRIBE Groovebox4.0buy
Novation Circuit Drum Machine GrooveboxNovation Circuit Drum Machine Groovebox5.0buy
Roland Mc-303 GrooveboxRoland Mc-303 Groovebox3.4buy
Korg VOLCASAMPLE Playback Machine
Korg VOLCASAMPLE Playback Machine4.4buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing the best of groovebox external instrument that is available in the market for musicians.

Best Groovebox 

It is true that those who know the art of making music also will admit that a lot of modern music composing involves the presence of intelligent tools like the Groovebox. Few companies make the best of external instruments or groovebox for creating music, but selecting from the best for your music studio is a task. So, let us check out the top five Groovebox ever.

1. Novation Circuit GrooveboxNovation Circuit Groovebox

The Novation circuit groovebox gets 2-part Nova analog modeled synthesizer. The 4-part drum machine can store up to drum samples. Besides the 28 Backlit RGB functions the groovebox also gets a software synth editor, and cloud-based session library, and more options.

2. Korg ELECTRIBE GrooveboxKorg ELECTRIBE Groovebox

The product from Korg gets MIDI adaptor and AC Adaptor besides also getting up to 24 modulation sequencers. The 16-part production system has memory of 250 patterns and 409 types of oscillators. The groovebox offers 72 types of modulation that many musicians might also prefer to use.

3. Novation Circuit Drum Machine GrooveboxNovation Circuit Drum Machine Groovebox

The grid based pad controller from Novation comes with 4-part drum machine and 2-part analog synthesizer. You will get six voice polyphony, 4×8 grid RGB, and loads of wavetables & types of oscillator. The company provides one-year extended warranty too.

Roland Mc-303 Groovebox

4. Roland Mc-303 Groovebox

This groovebox is equipped with a 16-padded keyboard and offers 12 sets of rhythm, 28 voices, and 133 preset patterns. The external instrument box from Roland also has the sequencer that has 8 tracks and has real-time modifier and recording system.


5. Korg Volcasample Playback MachineKorg VOLCASAMPLE Playback Machine

The Korg Volcasample has 11 parameters to record and play motion sequences. You can insert and remove steps thanks to its active step and jump functions. This groovebox provides dynamic output with the help of the ‘Revert per part song’ mode & 100 sample sounds.

After a thorough study, I have finally decided that the Novation Circuit Groovebox is the best and the most effective. You can find the products link in table.


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