Best Breedlove Guitar for the Money – Top Reviews Of 2020

Best Breedlove Guitar
Best Breedlove GuitarImageScoreLink
Breedlove Crossover of Mandolin NaturalBreedlove Crossover of Mandolin Natural3.5buy
Breedlove Oregon Dreadnought Guitar
Breedlove Oregon Dreadnought Guitar5.0buy
Breedlove 2018 PursuitBreedlove 2018 Pursuit5.0buy
Breedlove Oregon Concert Cobalt
Breedlove Oregon Concert Cobalt-buy
Breedlove Discovery
Breedlove Discovery-buy

Hello everyone,  We are going to discuss some of the best breedlove guitars available today, that is worth the money.

Best Breedlove Guitar

Guitars are one of the most used musical instruments in the world and attract millions of youth worldwide. It is what most musicians start with because of the type of music it can produce and the moderately difficult learning curve. Guitars are made by several brands and are available on a wide range of categories. One famous brand in this category is Breedlove.  

1. Breedlove Crossover of Mandolin Natural

Breedlove Crossover of Mandolin NaturalAs the name says, this particular instrument is actually a crossover between a guitar and a natural mandolin and Breedlove has done an excellent job in doing so. It is a very awesome choice for any experienced guitarist who wants to start learning the Mandolin. It costs a lot less than a traditional mandolin and is affordable to anyone. 

2. Breedlove Oregon Dreadnought Guitar

Breedlove Oregon Dreadnought GuitarThis guitar is a dreadnought guitar which gives it a unique look that can not be seen on many guitars. All parts of the guitar are made of top quality wood, the neck is made out of hard rock maple, the fretboard is made out of ebony and the rest of the body is made out of locally sourced myrtle. This great combination makes sure that the sound coming out of it is nothing less than good music. 

3. Breedlove 2018 Pursuit

Breedlove 2018 PursuitThis one is also an electric acoustic guitar but belongs to the parlour category. The top part of the guitar is made up of solid mahogany and the back and sides are made of layered mahogany wood that has a natural gloss finish. One noticeable thing about this guitar is that it has a Breedlove Pinless Bridge. The absence of pin holes in the sound board helps with the overall music quality. It also makes changing the guitar strings a very easy task.  

4. Breedlove Oregon Concert Cobalt

Breedlove Oregon Concert CobaltThis acoustic-electric guitar from breedlove is a limited edition guitar and only a few copies have been made with this custom black finish. The body is made with locally sourced myrtlewood and the neck is made of hard rock maple. This is a great combination of wood and thus the guitar produces a sound of exceptional quality. 

5. Breedlove Discovery

Breedlove DiscoveryThis is a very cool guitar and it is equally famous as well. The top is made by Solid Sitka spruce wood, which is one of the top quality types used to make instruments. The back and sides are made by Okoume Mahogany and the Neck part is made out of Nato Mahogany. Inside the package, you get, one signature breedlove gig bag, one chromacast pick sampler, one chromatic tuner, one guitar stand, med-light gauge guitar strings, one suede strap, and one microfiber polish cloth.

Personally, I would go for the Breedlove Oregon Dreadnought Guitar. It has a really good look to it and is made out of top quality wood. You can find the products link in table.

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