Best AMP For Les Paul – Top 5 Amplifier of 2021


I often ponder that buying the perfect amp was the only thing that had me thinking apart from buying a decent guitar. To tone the guitar in the best possible way is concerning enough. The number of amp brands in the market to choose from makes it harder to add up. To make it slightly simpler for you, I have listed the top five of them, that likely gives a touch of vintage and seems less harsh on the distortion. 

Best AMP For Les Paul

Best AMP For Les PaulImageScoreLink
BOSS Guitar Combo AmplifierBOSS Guitar Combo Amplifier4.7buy
Monoprice Guitar Amp for Les PaulMonoprice Guitar Amp4.5buy
BUGERA V5 Class Amplifier ComboBUGERA V5 Class Amplifier Combo4.6buy
Fender Guitar Combo Amp for Les PaulFender Guitar Combo Amp4.6buy
Marshall Amps Guitar Combo Marshall Amps Guitar Combo4.7buy

Please scroll down to read all the detailed reviews and our personal favorite’s from the top five best amps for Les Paul available.

1. BOSS Guitar Combo Amplifier

BOSS Guitar Combo AmplifierThis is a refined amp with an inspiring tone.

Key Features:

  • It is light in weight, portable 100-watt guitar amp and gives a powerful sound.
  • It has an integrated five-inch monitor speaker, and can be used without an external cab.
  • It has five unique amp characters; such as clean, crunch, lead, brown.
  • You can Store up to 15 different effects on board, with three effects available at once.


2. Monoprice Guitar Amp for Les Paul

Monoprice Guitar AmpIt delivers clean music, perfect for satisfying even the pickiest of guitarists.

Key Features:

  • It has a leather handle, cloth speaker-grill,a cream-coloured, leather exterior.
  • It has separate volume-tone controls,classic solid frame makes it durable and versatile.
  • It has a 12AX7 preamp tube for a well-rounded tone and smooth, rich distortion.
  • It comes with an eight-inch Celestion Super eight ohm, 15-watt speaker.


3. BUGERA V5 Class Amplifier Combo

BUGERA V5 Class Amplifier ComboAn amp authentic preamp design from the ’60s 

Key Features:

  • It has a hand-built 5-watts, class-A amplifier and 8-inch speaker.
  • It has a vintage equalizer with dedicated tone control.
  • It comes with a high-class integrated reverb with dedicated reverb control.
  • It has a built-in 2-way power attenuator to get ultimate sound at any volume.


4. Fender Guitar Combo Amp for Les Paul

Fender Guitar Combo AmpIt is an amp with the most fabulous designs ever!

Key Features:

  • It produces 85 watts of loudest and cleanest guitar tone.
  • It has a twin reverb, with dual, 12-inch Jensen speakers with 8-ohm.
  • It comes with four 6L6 output tubes.
  • It has tremolo, 2-button footswitch, and tilt-back legs.


5. Marshall Amps Guitar Combo Amplifier

Marshall Amps Guitar ComboA great amp for an exceptional tone and flexibility.

Key Features:

  • It can move between two sounds within each gain channel.
  • It has two master volumes if you need louder sound effects.
  • It has five speaker outputs that give plenty of flexibility and the ability for silent recording.
  • You can reduce the power from 40W to 20W without affecting the quality.


My pick from all the mentioned amps is the BOSS Guitar Combo Amplifier. It features some fantastic qualities like dedicated gain, EQ, power control for cranked-up tones, integrated 5-inch monitor speaker, and so much more. 

Watch this video on YouTube.

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