Best Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs – Top Reviews of 2020

Best Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs
Best Acoustic Guitar Tuning PegsImageScoreLink
Fender Locking Tuners ChromeFender Locking Tuners Chrome4.8buy
Tenor Chrome Plated Finish and Buttons
Tenor chrome plated finish and buttons4.8buy
Musiclily Acoustic Guitar Tuning PegsMusiclily Electric Guitar string tuning pegs3.9buy
Hipshot Acoustic Guitar Tuning PegsHipshot Guitar Tuning Pegs4.5buy
Vbestlife Tuning PegsVbestlife Machine heads4.5buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the best acoustic guitar tuning pegs. 

Best Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs

The musicians are very much in love with their musical instruments. They are very specific about every little part and accessory they can get for the same. Guitarists are very cautious about the guitars overall along with the strings and do take care of them like their babies. The tuning pegs in an acoustic guitar are a vital component that brings in perfect string tension. By tightening or turning these metal knobs at the sides of the guitar strings, you will find the tune change. These products include three right and three left pegs, along with other mounting hardware. Many brands offer the best tuning pegs for the acoustic guitar. Let us check the best five acoustic guitar-tuning pegs available in the market.

1. Fender Locking Tuners Chrome

Fender Locking Tuners ChromeThe product is ideal for American Deluxe, American Elite Series of guitars. The dual guide pin mounting and bushings and washers are included. The product gets an 18:1 ratio and has six tuning machines with three long posts and three short posts. 

2. Tenor Chrome Plated Finish and Buttons

Tenor chrome plated finish and buttonsThe product is ideal for metal strings of the acoustic guitars. The chrome finish and buttons. The six tuning pegs and the gear ratio is of 1:14 and comes with matching screws. The product is suitable for stable tone and is an excellent upgrade for all guitars. 

3. Musiclily Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs

Musiclily Electric Guitar string tuning pegsThe product is made of alloy and gets a gear ratio of 15:1. The product includes nuts, ferrule, screws, and six pieces of machine heads. The product is suitable for acoustic and electric guitar both and fits 13/32 inch standard machine head hole.  

4. Hipshot Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs

Hipshot Guitar Tuning PegsThe product comes with the 3+3 headstock configuration and grip lock. The product gets a gear ratio of 18:1. The Hipshot grip-lock guitar tuning pegs give the strings accurate tuning. The tuning comes with headstock configuration of three tuning machines per side.

5. Vbestlife Tuning Pegs

Vbestlife Machine headsThere are three right and three left knobs available in this kit. The easy to mount knobs comes with screws, bushing, and ferrules. These screws are tight and do not loosen up easily besides being the durable options for your guitar with their rust-free design.

After a lot of research, my choice is the Fender Locking Tuners Chrome. The set of six tuning machines come with a gear ratio of 18:1. The product comes with dual guide pin and bushings. You can find the products link in table. 

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