Best PCR Thermal Cyclers: Cheap PCR Machines for You

Best PCR Thermal Cyclers
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Bioneer AllInOneCycler 384 Well PCR systemBioneer AllInOneCycler 384 Well PCR system-buy
RT-Gene Thermal Cycler-DNA Amplifier
RT-Gene Thermal Cycler-DNA Amplifier-buy
MJ Research PTC-100 PCR Thermal CyclerMJ Research PTC-100 PCR Thermal Cycler-buy
TOPTION Thermo Cycler PCR With Gradient Function
TOPTION Thermo Cycler PCR With Gradient Function-buy
TOPTION Thermo Cycler PCR Machine
TOPTION Thermo Cycler PCR Machine-buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the best PCR Thermal Cyclers.

Best PCR Thermal Cyclers

PCR Thermal Cyclers are lab apparatus and are used for temperature-sensitive reactions. For instance, this device is ideal for getting rapid diagnostics and is perfect for amplifying the sections of DNA through the PCR method. PCR or the Polymerase chain reaction device has a thermal block with holes into which, we can insert the reaction mixtures that we want to check the temperature-related changes. Right temperature plays a crucial role in managing the composition of the blends that we have to diagnose. There are quite a few brands that specialize in producing affordable PCR Machines. Let us check if these have the precise temperature control and more for calibrating.

1. Bioneer AllInOneCycler 384 Well PCR system

Bioneer AllInOneCycler 384 Well PCR systemThe product of AllInOnecCycler from Bioneer gets Interchangeable thermal block system of multiple formats with one machine. The 384-well block PCR machine gets a fast ramp rate. It offers excellent temperature accuracy as well as uniformity and easy to use 7-inch touchscreen interface.

2. RT-Gene Thermal Cycler-DNA Amplifier

RT-Gene Thermal Cycler-DNA AmplifierThe product gets 4-long life Peltier modules for temperature circulators. It can independently control two temperature zones and realize gradient function. The product can display 96-well temperature in real time. The rapid rise and fall temperature and friendly color-touch screen makes navigation easy.

3. MJ Research PTC-100 PCR Thermal Cycler

MJ Research PTC-100 PCR Thermal CyclerThe product is a thermal controller with easy to use and programmable thermal cycler. The PTC-100 features fast ramping speeds with a heated lid feature. The product offers a reasonable option for a PCR solution. The programmable product gets a thermal range of 0 to 100-degree centigrade.

4. TOPTION Thermo Cycler PCR 

TOPTION Thermo Cycler PCR With Gradient FunctionThe product has the precise temperature control system and thermal gradient to optimize PCR assays in a single run easily. It is easy to obtain large quantities of DNA quickly in molecular biology and clinical investigations and is ideal for biotechnology cloning.

5. TOPTION Thermo Cycler PCR Machine

TOPTION Thermo Cycler PCR MachineThe product is ideal for biotechnology cloning, genotyping and other such applications. The product allows consistent and uniform sealing across an entire block. The product has an excellent temperature control system. There is a large color touch screen for easy programming the temperature.

After a lot of contemplation, my choice is the Bioneer AllInOneCycler 384 Well PCR system. The 384-well design is one of a kind. The product gets a seven-inch touch screen display. You can find the products link in table.

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