Best Floor Wax for VCT – Top 5 Floor Wax of 2020

Best Floor Wax for VCT
Best Floor Wax for VCTImageScoreLink
Black Diamond Stoneworks Floor WaxBlack Diamond Stoneworks Floor Wax4.3buy
Green Gobbler Floor Wax for VCTGreen Gobbler Floor Wax for VCT4.5buy
Lundmark Super Gloss Floor WaxLandmark Super Gloss Floor Wax4.4buy
Trewax Professional Wax for VCTTrewax Professional Wax for VCT4.5buy
Zep High Traffic Floor Wax for VCTZep High Traffic Floor Wax for VCT4.7buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the best floor wax for vinyl composite tiles. 

Best Floor Wax for VCT

The Vinyl composite tiles or the VCT tiles are great to look at, and hence they are popular in use across commercial establishments. If they get regular waxing and recoating, they remain in top condition. Many of these installers use these vinyl floor tiles in high-traffic areas seeking the least maintenance. These have high resistance to impact. Many floor wax brands are available to give the VCT floors a new look. Nevertheless, modern tools and coats are available for releasing dust and grime settling in these. Let us check the top five best floor wax to give your existing VCT more sheen.

1. Black Diamond Stoneworks Floor Wax

Black Diamond Stoneworks Floor WaxThe product is ideal for all-natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, or glass tiles. The hypoallergenic concentrate is safe around pets, elders, and kids. Moreover, the product is ideal for hard surface flooring to give it a great look. It will not remove grout sealers but just the grime and the dirt from the surface and the pores.

2. Green Gobbler Floor Wax for VCT

Green Gobbler Floor Wax for VCTThe product is 33% high solid acrylic wax and sealer. It dries quickly, giving a diamond-like shine. You require only half the coats than the regular wax available in the market. It is a scuff and scratch resistant floor finish for great looking floors.

3. Lundmark Super Gloss Floor Wax

Landmark Super Gloss Floor WaxThe product offers all-resilient flooring protection exceeding the ASTM standards. It is ideal for use on VCT, Vinyl tile, asphalt, and asbestos tiles, among others. It offers an average of 500 square feet coverage per quart while giving the ultimate acrylic gloss.

4. Trewax Professional Wax for VCT

Trewax Professional Wax for VCTThe product is a Professional Wax and is easy to use. Get ongoing protection for your beautiful, shiny floors in your home. Ideal for all VCT, rubber, linoleum and asphalt floors, Do not use finished or unfinished wood floors, Light and small, easy to transport to different construction sites.

5. Zep High Traffic Floor Wax for VCT

Zep High Traffic Floor Wax for VCTThe product offers the best solution for low maintenance plans and occasional buffing or burnishing. It is scuff and slip-resistant and ideal to use on vinyl composite tiles, sealed concrete and rubber, and no-wax tile floors too. It has a 20% solid formula for a durable gloss.

After a lot of research, my choice is the Black Diamond Stoneworks Marble and Tile floor cleaner. The product is the best for removing dirt, grime, and without leaving behind any residue. Moreover, it is an excellent concentrate for the stone and tiled floor waxing. You can find the products link in table.

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