Best Espresso Scale – Here’s How to Make The Best Brewed Coffee


If you have a special recipe to make coffee, then you will surely need to be very accurate with the ingredients. So here’s how you can always have the perfect cup of coffee at your home or office. The espresso scales help in measuring coffee with precision and have a very simple, stylish design.

Best Espresso Scale

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Greater Goods
Espresso Scale
Greater Goods Espresso Scalebuy
Coffee Scale
Apexstone Coffee Scalebuy
Espresso Scale
KitchenTour Espresso Scalebuy
Espresso Scale
TIMEMORE Espresso Scalebuy
Espresso Scale
FEESPEC Espresso Scalebuy

Let’s have a look at the top-rated products. 

1. Greater Goods Espresso Scale

Greater Goods Espresso Scale

  • It is a premium choice fine-tuning digital gram scale that offers you the most accurate measurements. 
  • This scale can measure down to 0.1 gram with 100% accuracy and has additional units like troy, carats, grains and more.
  • It is a simple, stylish pocket scale with a matte black finish and reverses the backlit LCD screen. 
  • It has simple functionality that can assist you towards a precise weighing experience.  


2. Apexstone Coffee Scale

Apexstone Coffee Scale

  • It is a high precision espresso scale through which you can ensure accurate measurements from 0.1oz to 3000g/MK.
  • It offers you 5 different units of measurements like LB, G, ML, G/ML, and OZ that you can read on the clear, readable display.
  • It has an LCD screen with a switch function, timer, auto-off function and low battery indication. 
  • It has a safe silicone mat that protects the scale from liquid spillage and heat and keeps it clean.


3. KitchenTour Espresso Scale

KitchenTour Espresso Scale

  • The latest precision weighing technology scale comes with a weighing capacity from 0.3g to 3000g. 
  • It also has an in-built timer to maintain consistency, also featuring an auto-off time function. 
  • This one is made with superior quality material that is very safe, accurate, sturdy and friendly.
  • It is constructed with a premium ABS platform that makes this scale durable and is waterproof as well. 


4. TIMEMORE Espresso Scale

TIMEMORE Espresso Scale

  • This one is an accurate electronic coffee scale with a minimalist design and hidden LED display. 
  • One can add a physical switch for saving power, and it has an auto-timer indicator as well. 
  • It has engraved keys that make the whole appearance of the scale really aesthetic and structured. 
  • It has a silicone pad with heat insulation and anti-skid and is waterproof, too; thus, you can keep the scale clean. 


5. FEESPEC Espresso Scale

FEESPEC Espresso Scale

  • It is one of the best choices for those who are looking for accurate measuring, and this one comes with a timer. 
  • It has a quick refresh rate and can register the weight with precision, almost in real-time. 
  • It is easy to use a coffee scale that has an integrated timer and can help you control your brew. 
  • It has multi-scenario usage, and this one has a tare calculation that makes it even easier to read ingredients. 


In my opinion, the Greater Goods Digital Pocket Scale is the best choice for me. It has precision, great looks, is very tiny in size, and is durable. Make sure to choose a scale that has backlit so that you can use it any time.

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