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Hello Guys, today I am introducing the best chocolate tempering machine for making some of the most delectable chocolates.

Best Chocolate Tempering Machine

Best Chocolate Tempering MachineImageScoreLink
Hilliard’s Chocolate Tempering machinehilliards-little-dipper5.0buy
ChocoVision Revolation V
2. ChocoVision Revolation V4.7buy
ChocoVision Revolation Delta
3. ChocoVision Revolation Delta4.0buy
New Mini Rev Tempering machine4. New Mini Rev Tempering machine4.1buy
ChocoVision Mini Rev 1.5lb5. ChocoVision Mini Rev 1.5lb4.0buy

The first step for becoming a chocolatier or a pastry chef is to get the best tools in the market. From importing or buying the exotic chocolate chips from various corners of the world, to using creativity, your journey would also involve in shopping for the finest chocolate tempering machine. The ease of melting any quantity of chocolate should be the key feature for you to pick the chocolate melting machine for yourself. Let us check out the five of the best chocolate tempering machines in the market.

1. Hilliard’s Chocolate Tempering machine


The machine is suitable for commercial use as well since the production capacity is up to 25lbs. The stainless steel body and the high-temperature melting and tempering process are appropriate to produce chocolate that can be in use across at various consistencies. 

2. ChocoVision Revolation V

2. ChocoVision Revolation V

The machine gets two different high-temperature modes for tempering and melting. These are adjustable too for the chocolatier to work on the chocolate creation easily. A fully automatic microprocessor forces hot air. The LED display is ideal for those who like to check the time and the temperature from time to time.

3. ChocoVision Revolation Delta

3. ChocoVision Revolation Delta

You can melt up to 17lb of chocolate and that makes it suitable for crafting several batches of chocolate. The best aspect of this machine is that it has a stay-in temperature that keeps the molten chocolate intact for around 18hours inside enabling you to take your time to make one batch after the other one by one.

4. ChocoVision Revolation V

4. New Mini Rev Tempering machine

The machine gets an automated compressor that forces heated air to help in melting 1.5lb of chocolate. The machine is ideal for small startup chocolatier working from home. The controls are pretty simple to understand and the machine overall is easy to handle. It also gets a stainless steel bowl for the mixing and melting.

5. ChocoVision Mini Rev 1.5lb

5. ChocoVision Mini Rev 1.5lb

The product has a capacity of 1.5lb and it is not for use in 220 volt / 240 volt power. The tempering machine takes all of 25 minutes to melt any chocolate chips into shiny syrup of chocolate. The product has simple controls, making it suitable for homemade chocolate making.

My personal choice goes to the Hilliard’s Chocolate Tempering machine. The maker has thoughtfully given the machine plenty of grit and supporting power consumption to make it worthy. You can find the products link in table.

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