Best 10 Qt Mixer – Top Recommendations of 2020

Best 10 Qt Mixer
Best 10 Qt MixerImageScoreLink
PRIMO PM 10 Stainless Steel MixerPRIMO PM 10 Stainless steel Mixer3.4buy
Vollrath 40756 10 Qt MixerVollrath 40756 10 Qt Mixer2.8buy
KITMA Commercial Food MixerKITMA Commercial Food Mixer3.7buy
Happybuy Commercial Food MixerHappybuy Commercial Food Mixer4.6buy
Uniworld 10QT Commercial Stand MixerUniworld 10QT Commercial Stand Mixer4.5buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the best 10 Qt mixers. 

Best 10 Qt Mixer

If you are planning to have a small to medium-sized café or eatery, you need to invest in proper mixers. The 10Qt stand mixers have strong motors to help in mixing thick consistencies of doughs and pastes. They could be a belt or gear driven and come with several operating speeds to suit your needs. Also, these mixers may come with manual or electric bowl lifts on offer. It could help in the easy transferring of mixtures to the bowl. Ideally, you should pick your mixer depending on what you aim to mix. It could even be offering multiple mixing abilities. Even a standard –duty mixer is excellent if you are looking for some daily use in mixing eggs, or whipping cream type of jobs. Many brands of stand mixers are available in the market. Let us check the best five products for you.

1. PRIMO PM 10 Stainless Steel Mixer

PRIMO PM 10 Stainless steel MixerThe 10Qt mixer has a flour capacity of 4.5lbs and comes with a 0.6HP motor. The gear-drive transmission and durable design make it a top-quality product. There is a safety interlock system to prevent the mixer from working when the bowl is lowered.

2. Vollrath 40756 10 Qt Mixer

Vollrath 40756 10 Qt MixerThe mixer comes with direct-drive transmission and has 110-volt capacity. The stainless steel bowl helps in the high capacity of mixing and dough making. The 5-speed controls and the handy model design with non-skid feet help it a must-have for chefs.

3. KITMA Commercial Food Mixer

KITMA Commercial Food MixerThe 10Qt large capacity bowl is ideal for making pastries, cookies, and cakes. It has three-speed controls with rubber feet to ensure the machine remains in place while mixing. The mixer comes with 4 mixer accessories and a time control knob to suit your needs.

4. Happybuy Commercial Food Mixer

Happybuy Commercial Food MixerThe adjustable high-quality industrial mixer comes with three attachments. It can make pizza dough, a flat beater for mashing vegetables, and icing. The wire whip is for whisking and whipping cream. The 450-watt motor is powerful, and the three-speed variations are a big plus.

5. Uniworld 10QT Commercial Stand Mixer

Uniworld 10QT Commercial Stand MixerThe stand mixer gets 3 speeds, and the gears made of hardened steel worm and the alloy bronze worm help in transmitting power from the motor. The 6 pounds of floor capacity mixer comes with a power rating of .3HP. The mixer gets a safety guard.

After a lot of contemplation, my choice is the PRIMO PM-10 Stainless steel mixer. The mixer comes with durable 3-speed controls. The heat-treated and hardened alloy steel gears and shafts are long-lasting. You can find the products link in table.

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