Shark Vacuum Cleaner NV750W Vs NV752 – Compared and Reviewed


The Shark Vacuum NV752 and Shark NV750W both are the three-in-one vacuum cleaners in the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away series. Both the vacuum cleaners come with HEPA filters, LED lights, motorized brush, and other features in common. So how they differ with each other? And which is the best Shark Vacuum Cleaner among them? Let’s find the answers in this comparison and review post of Shark Vacuum Cleaner NV750W Vs NV752.

Shark Rotator NV750W Review

The Shark Rotator NV750W is a ‘True Pet’ series upright vacuum cleaner which has a powerful suction and swivel steering design to give you a supreme maneuverability even in the tight corners and around your home furniture. You can buy it from the Shark’s Official Site too.


  • The powered lift away technology gives deep clean in hard-to-reach areas
  • With just push of a button, you can transform this Shark Rotator NV750W into a Powered Lift-Away vacuum cleaner
  • Available in Bordeaux color
  • Comes with HEPA filters to trap all the allergens and dust
  • The AACST (Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology) makes it possible to capture and hold over 99.99% allergen and dust inside the vacuum and doesn’t letting it escape back into the air you breath


  • Not all the accessories included making it a complete vacuum cleaner set
  • Caddy is not included
  • Suction is powerful but not as high as other ‘True Pet’ series vacuums

Shark Vacuum NV752 Review

The Shark Vacuum NV752 is also a three-in-one ‘True Pet’ series powered lift-away vacuum cleaner which comes with convenient caddy and detachable canister to offer you a portable cleaning. It is the best vacuum cleaner for high pile carpet in its class.


  • It has an advanced dynamic swivel steering which allows you to have a complete maneuverability around the obstacles
  • On the handle, you will get fingertip controls to easily change the cleaning mode from bare floors to carpet and back
  • On the hand vac and nozzle, there are LED lights to navigate the vacuum cleaner in the dark areas like under the furniture
  • It comes with a hard floor genie attachment with a microfiber pad (washable) to give you a perfect cleaning on bare floors


  • Not a great customer support service
  • Dyson will give better cleaning on hardwood floors
  • No manual included

Shark NV750W Vs NV752 – Comparison

Shark Rotator NV750WShark Vacuum NV752
Suction Power270AW270AW
Dimension13.5 x 12 x 45”13.2 x 11.9 x 45”
Weight15.6 lbs.15.6 lbs.
Caddy and AttachmentsNoYes
Capacity0.825 gallons0.825 gallons


You might get price change on the festival and holiday seasons, so we do not have mentioned them here. But one thing for sure is, the features and advantages the Shark Vacuum Cleaners NV750W and NV752 provide, they are value for money cleaning machines.

We can vote for only one, and here we have to choose the better or best among the both. So, here it is. The Shark Vacuum NV752 is a complete vacuum cleaner which comes with all the useful attachments and great features for your home cleaning solution. That does not mean that the Shark Rotator NV750W is a worthless machine, but the NV752 is better among the both.

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