Schedule 40 Vs 80 – Which is the Best PVC Pipe?

Schedule 40 Vs 80

As you know, Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 are the two most common PVC pipe types. They mainly differ by their color; Schedule 80 comes in dark gray color generally and schedule 40 comes in white color. Not only by color, but they also differ regarding design too. Schedule 80 PVC pipe comes in a thicker and stronger design which makes it able to handle high pressure of the liquid. (1)

You are all aware of schedule 40 pipe, as it is most commonly used for the drainage pipes around the homes, apartments, offices, and other premises. The main differences between the schedule 40 Vs Schedule 80 are as under:

  • Color; schedule 40 has white color, and schedule 80 comes in dark gray color
  • Diameter and size of the PVC pipe
  • Capability to handle the water pressure
  • Applications in which it can be used

Schedule 40 Vs 80

Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 have the same outside diameter. i.e. a 1” pipe of schedule 40 and schedule 80 has same outside diameter. Schedule 40 has thinner walls, though, then the schedule 80 PVC pipe, so it is used in systems where the low pressure of water is involved. While due to its thicker and stronger walls, schedule 80 type of PVC pipe is used in chemical and industrial applications where high PSI of liquid is present.

Due to the same outside diameter of both types of PVC pipes, the schedule 80 has an extra thickness of the inner wall. This means schedule 80 has more restricted liquid flow than schedule 40 PVC pipe. This thing also concludes that whenever necessary, both schedule 40 and 80 pipes can be used together. The thing you should take care of is, the balanced use of both the PVC pipe types should be managed. i.e. if you use a single schedule 40 pipes with multiple schedule 80 pipes, then it may not handle pressure and can get several damages.

Generally, schedule 80 pipe is more expensive than schedule 40, because its thickness and pressure handling capability, and also because of some extra PVC material are required to install a schedule 80 than with 40.

Schedule 40 Vs 80 – Which is the best PVC pipe?

Well, this really depends on your requirement.This comparison post of schedule 40 Vs 80 will help you to choose the suitable choice according your needs. For any industrial purpose or where high-pressure chemical flow is present, schedule 80 PVC pipe is a better option to choose. And if you want a pipe for your home irrigation or drainage project, then schedule 40 pipe is best to use.

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