Know the Difference Between HVLP and Airless Paint Sprayers

Difference Between HVLP and Airless Paint Sprayers

If you want to buy paint sprayer and is in a dilemma between HVLP Vs Airless paint sprayer, then be relaxed. I will provide the details of both the products so that you can make your choice in accordance to your preference. Whichever paint sprayer you want to select, certainly depends on the type of work you want to cover. Let’s move ahead to point out the differences between Airless Paint Sprayer and HVLP.

For outdoor application, an airless paint sprayer is taken into consideration. On the contrary for the complete and specific job, HVLP sprayers are used with little overspray. I will draw the comparison in detail so that you can clearly make out the difference.

  • Effective Principle – The advanced version of outmoded air sprayers is high volume low-pressure sprayer. From air compressor, the air is pumped for atomization and turbine can also be used in some units for atomization. In airless sprayers, a piston is smaller than the HVLP nozzle that pressurizes the material through an orifice. The hydraulic pumps create the high pressure in place of the air compressor.
  • Production – The HVLP sprayers have 90% of product transfer rate and lesser wastage. They are famous for polished production. They possess 10 PSI. The airless paint guns have 50% of product transfer rate and 2000 PSI pressure at the nozzle due to which it is considered more powerful than HVLP sprayers.
  • Material Viscidness – The HVLP cannot handle high pressure so it cannot handle thick paints like enamel latex. The airless sprayer can directly spray the color. It is not required to thin the colorant as it can handle high pressure.
  • Time Frame – For exterior painting needs the HVLP can’t correlate with the speed. The airless sprayer is suitable for outside painting. In every minute it can eat up paint at the rate of 2 gallons.
  • Display – The HVLP are less noisy than airless sprayers. It can achieve the fine spray with the help of compressor. You will not experience choke inside the hose. The hot air in turbine units lessens the time for drying. You will face less trouble with more paint coatings in the airless sprayers. It can cover the large area with thick paints. It is popular for bigger areas.
  • Cautions – The HVLP paint sprayers are less risky than airless sprayers. The airless sprayers have more overspray. It will be good if you avoid direct contact and before starting cover all the things with clothes.
  • Expense – HVLP is costlier than the airless sprayers. You can use the compressor with HVLP spray gun.
  • Propriety – The HVLP is better to use as it confirms less overspray. It is suitable for detailed work. For flats surfaces like walls, garbage bins, and fence – airless sprayer suits best.
  • Upshot – The painting, color, and enamel appear well by using HVLP sprayer. It will prove to be the better option for the sensitive job. The airless sprayer lacks this quality.

Types of paint sprayers

There are mainly four types of paint sprayers:

  1. HVLP Paint Sprayer – High-Volume Low-Pressure paint sprayer is perfect for small areas where you want a perfect finish.
  2. Airless Paint Sprayer – For larger areas like inside or outside walls of your home, the airless paint sprayer is a better option to choose.
  3. Cup Sprayer – Spraying on your furniture or a bookshelf is too easy if you use the cup sprayer which just needs a plug-in and then you are good to go.
  4. Compressed air sprayer – Where extensive masking and high-quality work is necessary where overspray can be neglected, the compressed paint sprayer can be used due to its versatility.

I have made you aware of two different types of paint sprayers tools- HVLP and Airless Spray painter. They both complement each other. Paint Zoom HVLP sprayer can perform fine finish with maximum exactness. For outdoor jobs, an airless system is feasible. Pick any of them in accordance to your choice.

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