Best Water Heater Timer – Top Five Water Heater Timer of 2020

Best Water Heater Timer
Best Water Heater TimerImageScoreLink
Intermatic WH40 Water Heater TimerIntermatic WH40 Water Heater Timer4.2buy
GE 24-Hour Indoor Water heater timer switch
GE 24 Hour Indoor Water heater timer switch4.2buy
Intermatic T104-20 Water Heater timer
Intermatic T104-20 Water Heater timer4.0buy
KTNNKG 30 Amps Smart Pump switch
KTNNKG 30 Amps Smart Pump switch3.2buy
Woods 59401Water Heater Timer
Woods 59401Water Heater Timer3.6buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the best water heater timer. 

Best Water Heater Timer

A water heater will need to have a timer to turn off the energy after a specific time. In these present times, when we are under high pressure to save energy and water, we cannot afford to take it lightly. We have to invest in getting the best devices like the water heater timer just so that you need to keep the water hot but not sizzle it to the extreme. With regular use of overheating, the heater might wear out faster. Hence, it is necessary to go for reliable timers to help you in this regard. Let us check the best five water heater timers available in the market. 

1. Intermatic WH40 Water Heater Timer

Intermatic WH40 Water Heater TimerThe product is easy to use and has a convenient external override switch. It has a steel case for durability, and the trippers can be set in the morning and evening when you need to use hot water. The product comes with 40amps, and at 10,000 watts. 

2. GE 24-Hour Indoor Water heater Timer switch

GE 24 Hour Indoor Water heater timer switchThe product is made of heavy-duty metal construction and has a manual override switch. It has a programmable daily cycle with on/off switches and easy to set trippers. The double-pole, single-throw switches make the heater easy to use. The metal box timer is lockable to resist tampering and convenient screw terminals to hold the wires securely. 

3. Intermatic T104-20 Water Heater Timer

Intermatic T104-20 Water Heater timerThe product is an electrical timer. It is suitable for industrial, residential and commercial heaters and other applications. It can be used for daily purpose and set with trippers from 1 to 23 hours. It enables shifting electricity use into off-peak periods to reduce utility cost.

4. KTNNKG 30 Amps Smart Pump switch 

KTNNKG 30 Amps Smart Pump switchThe product has the primary function of APP Control, remote control, timer control. It supports DIY smart home system like lights, water supply, and more. The Wi-Fi timer switch can work with AC85V-250V. The 30A Wi-Fi Relay switch is ideal for power on and off. 

5. Woods 59401Water Heater Timer

Woods 59401Water Heater TimerThe product supports 40-amp for heavy-duty equipment and lowers energy cost while working with all appliance types. The product has settings to repeat the process daily. It is easy to install, and it can be used with industrial-grade appliances like fountain pumps, and more. 

After a lot of research, my choice is the Intermatic WH40 Water Heater Timer. The product is easy to use and gets a steel case for durability. It has trippers for setting the heater morning and evening. You can find the products link in table.

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