Best Straight Edge – Top 5 Straight Edge of 2020

Best Straight Edge
Best Straight EdgeImageScoreLink
Taytools Anodized Aluminum Straight EdgeTaytools Anodized Aluminum Straight Edge4.5buy
Central Tools 6429 Straight Edge
Central Tools 6429 Straight Edge4.6buy
Bon 24-121 Reinforced Aluminum H-ScreedBon 24-121reinforced aluminum H-Screed4.0buy
Peachtree Straight Edge BladePeachtree Straight Edge Blade4.9buy
Starrett 380 Straight Edge BladeStarrett 380 Straight Edge Blade4.1buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the best straight edge blades for the saw. 

Best Straight Edge

Most often, when a woodworking professional goes for using a saw, or a cutting machine, he looks for different types of saw blades. The straightedge blade is an equipment one should not ignore. The straight edge saw blade comes with bevel, and it has a fixed strong handle to hold it in position to give the perfect cut straight without any grind. The thickness of the wood is not a matter to worry at all! This said, many woodworkers look for durable blade materials that are not prone to rust and that can cut through any thickness of wooden planks. Here the straight edge blades come in use. Let us check out the best five straight edge blades.

1. Taytools Anodized Aluminum Straight Edge

Taytools Anodized Aluminum Straight EdgeThe product comes with a straight aluminum edge and is an economical alternative to another much more expensive straight edge in the market. The straight edge is helpful to determine machine table flatness and is setting up machines such as jointers and planers. They are available in three different lengths.

2. Central Tools 6429 Straight Edge

Central Tools 6429 Straight EdgeThe product is precision ground to +.001” and has a tough epoxy coating. Use it with feeler gauges to measure head, block, flywheel straightness for every application from small engines to heavy-duty diesel engines, and it is made of high-quality heat tested steel.

3. Bon 24-121 Reinforced Aluminum H-Screed

Bon 24-121reinforced aluminum H-ScreedThe product is made of reinforced aluminum and less prone to bending and damage. It is made in the USA and is quite safe to use thanks to the plastic caps on the edges. The product has H-Screed that is harder and stronger than magnesium screeds.

4. Peachtree Straight Edge Blade

Peachtree Straight Edge BladeThe product is made of Anodized aluminum, and they are straight edge bars ideal for checking straightness on metal surface tops. It is also ideal for exacting tolerances that are perfect for checking wet stones, jointers, planers, general machinery among others.

5. Starrett 380 Straight Edge Blade

Starrett 380 Straight Edge BladeThe product is made in America and has no beveled edges with 36 inches length, and 2 13/32 inches width. It has brushed steel finish and the unrivaled in their scribing straight lines and checking the surface for straightness. Besides, it has easy portable handles as well.

After a lot of contemplation, my choice is the Taytools 50” Anodized Aluminum straight edge blades. The product comes with a reference edge that is machined flat to within 0.003” over the entire length. You can find the products link in table.

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