Best Storm Door Closer – Top 5 storm Doors Closer of 2021


Door closers can come in several shapes and sizes. It can either come as automatic or manual. Its material is also important to take into consideration as we must make sure that the door closer is compatible with the door too. Without it, the functioning of the door closer will be affected. The weight of the door closer is also an important factor to consider. It must weigh enough to allow the doors to perform its functions. The dimensions of the door closer must be appropriate too.

Best Storm Door Closer

Best Storm Door CloserImageScoreLink
Door Closer
FORTSTRONG Commercial Door Closer4.5buy
Dynasty Hardware Storm Door CloserDynasty Hardware Storm Door Closer4.6buy
Andersen Storm Door Closer KitAndersen Storm Door Closer Kit4.6buy
National Hardware Touch Hold
Door Closer
National Hardware Touch Hold Door Closer4.3buy
National Hardware Storm Door CloserNational Hardware Storm Door Closer4.2buy

Please scroll down to read all the detailed reviews and our personal favorites from the top five Best Storm Door Closer.

1. FORTSTRONG Commercial Door Closer

FORTSTRONG Commercial Door CloserThis product is silver in color.

Key Features:

  • This product is made from quality steel.
  • The motion of the doors can be controlled using its six adjustment level feature.
  • The product includes silver cover, fixing screws for wood and metal, a connecting arm, sex nut, and a parallel plate.
  • This product enables automatic door closing.
  • The product requires a parallel installation only.


2. Dynasty Hardware Storm Door Closer

Dynasty Hardware Storm Door CloserThis product has a 1-4 size

Key Features:

  • This product meets all the ADA requirements.
  • This product has an adjustable back check feature.
  • The product can be utilized in fire door assemblies too.
  • The installation must be a top jamb or parallel arm.
  • It weighs 5.95 pounds.


3. Andersen Storm Door Closer Kit

Andersen Storm Door Closer KitThis product is extremely affordable with great features too.

Key Features:

  • The product weighs 1.43 pounds in total.
  • The product is in bronze color.
  • The product is in a push button style door closer.
  • It includes a jamb bracket and a door bracket too.
  • The product dimensions are 15.7 x 3.4 x 2.2 inches


4. National Hardware Touch Hold Door Closer

National Hardware Touch Hold Door CloserThis item is another product from the National Hardware Store.

Key Features:

  • This product has a one touch hold open design.
  • It consists of a smooth auto release
  • It includes door and jamb brackets.
  • It has a permanently lubricated door closer
  • It weighs 1.01 pounds.


5. National Hardware Storm Door Closer

National Hardware Storm Door CloserThis product is white in color.

Key features: 

  • This product enables the door to swing open at 90 degrees.
  • This product works on wood or metal screens.
  • It works on lightweight doors and storm doors that are only 2 inches thick.
  • Its closing speed is adjustable.
  • The product comes with a positive latching and screws too.


My pick from all the products mentioned above is the Commercial Door Closer FH-8400 by FORSTRONG as it includes all the accessories required to install a door. This leaves you hassle free during installation as getting parts to install the product usually poses as a great difficulty. You can find the products link in table.

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