Best RJ45 Crimper – Top 5 Crimpers of 2020

Best RJ45 Crimper
Best RJ45 CrimperImageScoreLink
UbiGear RJ45 CrimperUbiGear RJ45 Crimper4.5buy
TRENDnet RJ45 CrimperTRENDnet RJ45 Crimper4.7buy
Klein Tools RJ45 CrimperKlein Tools RJ45 Crimper4.6buy
Platinum Tools Clamshell CrimperPlatinum Tools Clamshell Crimper4.4buy
Platinum Tools EZ RJ45 CrimperPlatinum Tools EZ RJ45 Crimper4.2buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the best RJ45 crimper to use it to fix cable issues for the network, technical, and household work.

Best RJ45 Crimper

Crimpers are one of the main components of people who indulge in hardware work, but that does not limit its use. They are very helpful in household chores also, apart from technical and manufacturing usage. They are super useful and very popular now. Moreover, RJ45 Crimpers are readily available in the market of various brands and kinds. One needs to be sure of which one to choose for their requirement. Today, we shall discuss different types of the Best RJ45 crimper. Let us check out the best five available in the market. 

1. UbiGear RJ45 Crimper

UbiGear RJ45 CrimperThis crimping tool comes with a tester for cables varying from RJ45, 11, and 12 connectors, including battery. Apart from having LED lights flashing in rotation, indicating all the wires are connected irrespective of the color, it has a 1-year warranty with a free wire stripper.

2. TRENDnet RJ45 Crimper

TRENDnet RJ45 CrimperApart from functioning for 8P/RJ45 to RJ11, its built-in cutter and stripper come in a compact size and easy to handle. It comes with affordable solutions for quick and immediate cutting needs. It is user-friendly and works with all telephone cable and ethernet modems. 

3. Klein Tools RJ45 Crimper

Klein Tools RJ45 CrimperIts crimping dies with precision ground come high-carbon steel and is easy to cut, strip and crimp the twisted pair for the ethernet, voice, data cables of RJ45. Its yellow and black grips help enhance visibility, comfort and even allow quick identification with 8 positions.

4. Platinum Tools Clamshell Crimper

Platinum Tools Clamshell CrimperIts built-in cutter and stripper have a zero flex frame that prevents loss of torque during the cycle. Its tool steel dies head gives 360-degree connecting support and comes with a clean and flush trim on EZ-RJ45 conductors. It also ratcheted up high leverage and stable function.

5. Platinum Tools EZ RJ45 Crimper

Platinum Tools EZ RJ45 CrimperIts crimp and trims extended wire is designed to connect with EZ-RJ45 in a single cycle. Its straight action crimping motion is compatible with consistent termination. Its high-quality tool has a built-in wire cutter and stripper for silver satin of steel frame and rust-resistant.

After a lot of research, my choice is the UbiGear Network Cable Tester Crimper. It comes with a crimper and a tester to ensure cables are connected and crimped correctly. You can find the products link in table.

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