Best Panel Saw – Top 5 Panel Saw of 2020

Best Panel Saw
Best Panel SawImageScoreLink
Milwaukee Panel SawMilwaukee Panel Saw4.3buy
Saw Trax 1064 Varsity Panel SawSaw Trax 1064 Varsity Panel Saw5.0buy
Powermatic Vertical Panel Saw
Powermatic Vertical Panel Saw5.0buy
Safety Speed MFG Cut H6 Vertical Panel SawSafety Speed MFG Cut H6 Vertical Panel Saw5.0buy
Saw Trax C52C Vertical Panel Saw
Saw Trax C52C Vertical Panel Saw-buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the best panel saws in the market. 

Best Panel Saw

If you are a regular woodworking specialist, you will need to get yourself a panel saw. It is available as horizontal machines and as vertical saws. The panel saws are ideal for cutting MDF laminates, melamine sheets, and even for cutting aluminum, plastic and wooden panels. They have computerized controls and many brands are selling used equipment. The vertical models are smaller and ideal for beginner level or for woodworkers in a small space. There are specific brands of saws that have blades and a few other such features to make the saws work effortlessly. Experts with a more significant work area will benefit from the horizontal panel saw. The CNC automated panel saw is now helping everyone with diverse needs. Many brands are coming up with the best in the market. I am listing the best five available. 

1. Milwaukee Panel Saw

Milwaukee Panel SawThe saw is durable and is an 8-inch saw system with a powerful 15amp 3 ¼ max Hp, Milwaukee motor of AC/DC. The cutting accuracy is within 1/32 inches in either crosscutting or ripping directions. The all-steel frame and the square tubing gets electrical welding.

2. Saw Trax 1064 Varsity Panel Saw

Saw Trax 1064 Varsity Panel SawSet this panel saw and forget the patented Accu-square alignment system. The product has a floating router plate or razor knife cutter in the same carriage. The panel saw is portable and capable of folding stand and frame wheels. 

3. Powermatic Vertical Panel Saw

Powermatic Vertical Panel SawThe product gets stainless steel guide rods with 8 roller bearings for smooth and accurate cuts. The dual 4-inch dust ports give a cleaner finish. The solid aluminum rollers with external brackets offer more seamless transport. 

4. Safety Speed MFG Cut H6 Vertical Panel Saw

Safety Speed MFG Cut H6 Vertical Panel SawThe product has unlimited maximum rip cut and offers a full-sized vertical panel saw productivity. It cuts within 1/32” on a diverse range of panels up to 1 ¾” thick. The product has a 15amp industrial saw motor on adjustable vertical and horizontal rulers.

5. Saw Trax C52C Vertical Panel Saw

Saw Trax C52C Vertical Panel SawThe product is made with more exclusive steel sealed bearing to make the carriage movement easy and precise. The patented ‘set and forget’ Accu-square alignment system and it never goes out of square. The product has a Makita 5007N material roller and 2 cartridge locks cord holder. 

After a lot of contemplation, my choice is the Milwaukee Panel Saw. It gets a steel frame, and electrically welded square tubing along with a circular saw blade and blade wrench. You can find the products link in table.

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