Best Edge Banding Trimmer – Top 5 Reviews Of 2020

Best Edge Banding Trimmer
Best Edge Banding TrimmerImageScoreLink
Quad Trimmer Carbide BladesQuad Trimmer Carbide Blades4.6buy
Yosoo Edge Banding TrimmerYosoo Edge Banding Trimmer4.1buy
ANDGOO Edge Banding TrimmerANDGOO Edge Banding Trimmer4.0buy
WREOW Handle Edge TrimmerWREOW Handle Edge Trimmer4.0buy
Edge Supply Edge Banding TrimmerEdge Supply Edge Banding Trimmer4.0buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the best edge banding trimmer for easier edge cutting and smoothing without errors. 

Best Edge Banding Trimmer

The woodworkers are often looking for helpful tools that help in cutting wood and for rounding off the door edges or boards of timber. The first name that comes to mind is a banding trimmer. It can help in the flush trimming of edge veneer, and it can offer a stable connection between the cutter and the driver. Many of these tools also help in routing PVC edge veneer or acrylic. The products get a superior anti-slip grip and other such features. 

It helps in running precision truly. It gets a spindle stop mechanism to hold and do the trimming effectively. Many brands are producing the best edge banding trimmer. Let us check the best five available in the market.

1. Quad Trimmer Carbide Blades

Quad Trimmer Carbide BladesThe product has carbide blades that are 5 times more durable than the regular steel blades. The handy grip it gives assists in trimming from all directions and has no springs attached to the product. The product is above all superior in finish and performance.

2. Yosoo Edge Banding Trimmer

Yosoo Edge Banding TrimmerA high grade of PVC goes into the making of this trimmer and has a thickness below 0.5mm. The dual sets of blades have a width ranging from 15 to 40mm and can cut through agile melamine paper, PVC, and more materials for edge banding.

3. ANDGOO Edge Banding Trimmer

ANDGOO Edge Banding TrimmerIt is ideal for use on plastic, PVC, Melamine paper, veneer, and is made of 2 pieces of carbon steel blades with an anti-slip surface for durable use. The product is to give thickness less than 0.5mm and width between 15 and 40mm.

4. WREOW Handle Edge Trimmer

WREOW Handle Edge TrimmerThe edge banding trimmer comes with double blades and can easily cut PVC, paper, wood, plastic, and flexible melamine paper. The thickness must be within 0.5mm, and the width must be within 40mm. It is widely used in decorating and cabinet making.

5. Edge Supply Edge Banding Trimmer

Edge Supply Edge Banding TrimmerThe product is made from superior quality carbon steel and a circular blade to give a smooth finish or cut. This edge banding trimmer cuts veneer and removes in eliminating any excess material. You can get edges as much as 1mm thick and 2 inches wide.

After a lot of research, my choice is the Quad Trimmer with Tungsten carbide blades. The blades get a superb grip of the wood whose edge you need to trim. The carbide blades are more durable and worth your money. You can find the products link in table.

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