Best Angle Grinder Disc for Wood Carving – Shape Wood Like a Pro

Best Angle Grinder Disc

The angle grinder is famed as a sole mechanical tool used only to cut metal. Most people use an angle grinder to cut thick metal; however, its application in wood workshops also plays a vital role.

Best Angle Grinder Disc

Best Angle Grinder DiscImageLink
Kutzall Extreme
Shaping Dish
Kutzall Extreme Shaping Dishbuy
OBA Grinder
Wheel Disc
OBA Grinder Wheel Discbuy
ARBORTECH TurboPlanebuy
King Arthur's Tools
Wood Carving Disc
King Arthur Tools Wood Carving Discbuy
Pomsare Wood
Carving Disc
Pomsare Wood Carving Discbuy

The only difference is the disc selection, as wood material is prone to fire. To decide which disc is best for wood carving, we have compiled a list of the top five best angle grinder discs for wood carving. (Blog)

1. Kutzall Extreme Shaping Dish

Kutzall Extreme Shaping DishFeatures:

  • It features tungsten carbide teeth and provides a smooth carving experience when you use it over the wood surface.
  • The disc size complies with the industry standard and will fit perfectly with the most angle grinder comfortably.
  • You will get options in grit selection; in our experience, coarse grit is the best performing one.
  • It is well-built and one of the highly bought tools in the tools and home improvement category.


2. OBA Grinder Wheel Disc

OBA Grinder Wheel DiscFeatures:

  • The disc has a 4-inch diameter and 16mm arbor size to fit most angle grinders available.
  • It has more than a hundred teeth, letting you surface the wood evenly and offer the best possible carving.
  • The disc material is titanium steel with commendable hardness, and don’t worry; it won’t burst your wooden sheet or block.
  • Apart from carving, you can also shape the wood and grind as necessary.


3. ARBORTECH Turbo Plane

ARBORTECH TurboPlaneFeatures:

  • It is a great disc if you want a smooth surface in your woodwork and less hurdle of shaping afterward with a file.
  • It features three blades with a decent distance gap in between, and you can reshape from time to time.
  • Controlling it is the easiest part. It causes less vibration and offers results with minimal effort.
  • It will not scratch the wood like other discs with sharp teeth, so it is a good investment for a fine surface finish.


4. King Arthur’s Tools Wood Carving Disc

King Arthur Tools Wood Carving DiscFeatures:

  • The disc features a quality stainless steel surface and fits with commonly used angle grinders 4 ½”, 115mm, and 125mm points.
  • Unlike ARBORTECH, this one has a chainsaw design, removing a lot of wood.
  • The surface you get from this disc is rough and suitable when removing a large amount of wood.
  • It is a sharp tool, so it is advisable to take safety measures when using it with an angle grinder.


5. Pomsare Wood Carving Disc

Pomsare Wood Carving DiscFeatures:

  • It is a premium-looking and well-engineered disc that provides a smooth surface cut.
  • It comes in a pack of three, and all three have different teeth sizes, allowing the user to achieve the most acceptable result.
  • All three discs come in suitable dimensions to precisely fit the portable angle grinder.
  • You can use it to shape, carve a wooden face, create antiques, and more.


In conclusion, we think the ARBORTECH Turbo Plane is the best option if you need a smooth surface with minimal effort. Not to mention, if you are after something affordable and all-in-one solution Pomsare Wood Carving Disc is a no-brainer choice.

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