Best Zero Turn Tires for Hills – Find the Best Option

Best Zero Turn Tires for Hills
Best Zero Turn Tires for HillsImageScoreLink
Carlisle AT 101 Tires
Carlisle AT 101 Tires4.5buy
Wanda P332 / 4PR -13040 TiresWanda P332 4PR -13040 Tires4.3buy
Kenda500 Super Turf LawnKenda500 Super Turf Lawn4.3buy
Antego Tire and Wheel
Antego Tire and Wheel5.0buy
OTR Zero T26 Tire
OTR Zero T26 Tire-buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the best zero turn tires for hills.

Best Zero Turn Tires for Hills

Lawn mowing is a cakewalk in the plains, and it is an activity that gardeners and homeowners love doing too if they have the right mower. The zero turn tires on the front or the front caster wheels are the best for the lawns. However, those who have property on the hill slopes, it is necessary to have proper tires with good traction. It is advisable to check this traction on dry grass and slope before setting it on hilly slopes. Nevertheless, there are top five Zero turn tires that we shall check now. 

1. Carlisle AT 101 TiresCarlisle AT 101 Tires

With a width of 7”, the tires are made for 12x12rim, and they are a lawn tire. They fit on lawn mowers, riding mowers, Utility vehicles and more. The bias ply tires are ideal for hilly terrain vehicles. They will need to have a ground clearance of 1” and 3 inches taller.

2. Wanda P332 / 4PR -13040 TiresWanda P332 4PR -13040 Tires

The product includes 4-ply heavy duty tubeless tires without any rim. The maximum load it can carry is 1190lbs and the rim’s width is 7”. The multipurpose tires are perfect for lawn mowers, and garden utility vehicles with a ply rating of 4.

3. Kenda500 Super Turf LawnKenda500 Super Turf Lawn

The tires are only for use in lawns and turf. It is not for use in highways. It is ideal for outdoor power equipment, including zero turn mowers. The tubeless tires get 4 ply rating and have a weight capacity of 1040 lbs.

4. Antego Tire and WheelAntego Tire and Wheel

This product is a set of four tubeless tires, and it is ideal for zero turn mowers, and utility vehicles and more. The maximum capacity is 1190lbs. It fits a whole range of vehicles and brands like Yamaha, Hilly Billy, Berline, Harley Davidson and more.

5. OTR Zero T26 TireOTR Zero T26 Tire

Keeping in mind, the mowers need more grips and balance on the hill slopes, the tires have better slow speed maneuverability and increase the speed of 1 MPH with no extra fuel consumption too. The Zero T has advanced rubber technology that makes the tires vibration resistant.

After a lot of contemplation, my choice is with the Carlisle AT 101 Tires. These tires have great grip and maneuverability that make them suitable for hilly slope mower use. You can find the products link in table.

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