Best Chain for STIHL Chainsaw – Chains for Fast Cutting Chainsaw

Best Chain for STIHL Chainsaw
Best Chain for STIHL ChainsawImageScoreLink
Oregon D72 AdvancedCut chain
Oregon D72 AdvancedCut chain3.7buy
Oregon L81 ControlCut chain
Oregon L81 ControlCut chain4.3buy
Oregon L74 ControlCut chain
Oregon L74 ControlCut chain4.3buy
Oregon L 68 ControlCut chainOregon L 68 ControlCut chain4.5buy
STIHL 26RM3 -81 Oilomatic Rapid Saw chain
STIHL 26RM3 -81 Oilomatic Rapid Saw chain-buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing the best chains available in the market for the STIHL Chainsaws.

Best Chain for STIHL Chainsaw

If you live in the mountainous parts and are looking for cutting down trees by your home, you will need a STIHL Chainsaw. With minimum efforts and damage to the environment, you will be able to use these chainsaws. However, one has to remember that the bars and chains play a vital role in keeping the saws in top shape. We shall be checking out the best of the chains for the STIHL Chainsaws.

1. Oregon D72 AdvancedCut chainOregon D72 AdvancedCut chain

Ideal for 3/8” pitch and for saw sizes between 50cc and 100cc. The LubriTecTM lubricates the chain and keeps it going strong for a long time with sufficient lubrication and low friction. The industrial-grade chrome plated cutters are super, and the hard rivets work in the favor of the chain.

2. Oregon L81 ControlCut chainOregon L81 ControlCut chain

The Oregon brand is the most trusted when it comes to the fantastic design of ControlCut. It gets advanced technology that gives it sharp precision-oriented tooth and sharpness. The saw chain has blued cutters that give high-quality cuts for a long time too.

3. Oregon L74 ControlCut chainOregon L74 ControlCut chain

It fits many STIHL Chainsaws, and it gets LubricTecTM to ensure low friction on the chain. The product gets exclusive OCS 01- Steel body for greater durability. The ControlCut design is a low maintenance one for tree cutting by experienced and regular woodcutters.

4. Oregon L 68 ControlCut chainOregon L 68 ControlCut chain

It gets the pitch of .325” and fits saw sizes in the range of 38cc to 62cc. The LubriTecTM function allows the chain to be constantly lubricated and therefore, reduces friction while increasing life of the chain. The top plate filling indicators make sharpening with precision easier.

5. STIHL 26RM3 -81 Oilomatic Rapid Saw chainSTIHL 26RM3 -81 Oilomatic Rapid Saw chain

The product fits chainsaws with 20-inch guide bars. It gives 81 drive lengths and has 0.325inches pitch. The highlight is the Oilomatic drive links with slots for lubricating the chain. It gets low vibration and has low wear and tear even in long-term use.

After a detailed study, my choice is the Oregon D72 AdvancedCut chain. The D72 AdvancedCut chain gets all the features of strength and accuracy on the point that makes the chains reliable. You can find the products link in table.

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  1. I beg to differ. The Stihl RS series cuts faster than any of the chains on your list, and stays sharp longer

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