Curse vs Discord: Which is Better Voice

Curse vs Discord- Which is better voice

Hello, friends, welcome to this post which is basically related to the gaming zone. And today in this post we are going to discuss two most important characters in the gaming platform, and that is Curse Voice vs. discord. What we basically noticed on Google is that people are confused between this two Curse vs. discord. People search on Google to find that which is better from these two voices.

So guys if you are still in a race to find out which is better in the differentiation of Curse vs. discord, then you are on right place to get the answer to your this question. Below in this article, we are going to describe the exact idea about curse and discord by which you can easily take your decision to choose between them.

Curse Voice vs. discord

There are different points in which we should look on them like “Pros and Cons of Curse Voice & Pros and Cons of Discord” and “curse voice review & Discord voice review.” So let’s start this discussion from here:-

Curse Voice review

The curse comes on the rank 4th in the gaming zone which is use for changing the voice.

Pros of Curse

  • Like other VOIP gaming services, you do not need any server to use this app. It is free for everyone to use.
  • It allows its user to create voice call and also text messages.
  • It doesn’t consume PC resources.
  • It has very easy to use interface.
  • It has the support of different languages.

Cons of Curse

  • It does not support in Linux.
  • It can be changed in features soon.
  • Curse has Distasteful UI.
  • Mobile app not so good, problems emerging like random shutdowns and bugs.
  • No server region options.

Discord Reviews

Discord is one of the most using free voice and text messaging app in the gaming world.

Pros of Discord

  • It is 100% free of cost and user can create many channels.
  • Is has very simple UI.
  • You can use it in mobile or PC browser.
  • Easy to setup and invite. You can easily send the invitation to join discord channel via download link.
  • You can easily communicate through this app which is available for the Android and iOS device.
  • It has DDoS protection.
  • It has better excellent voice quality.

Cons of Discord

  • It has bandwidth server limit for every user.
  • There are limited servers available in Europe, Singapore, US, and Australia.
  • Sometimes it drops sound quality.
  • It is not supported communities, but it supports streamers.
  • The app is more comfortable than Desktop version.
  • People reported a serious issue related to the connection.

Final Verdict

So, guys, here we are done and as you can see in above article that we mentioned all the info about the differentiate between Curse vs. discord and hope you can decide the best for you by reading all the stuff above in the article. Hope you liked it and will appreciate. For more info about the gaming world, you can visit our homepage.

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