Best B-17 Model Kit – Top 5 Aircraft Collection of 2020

Best B-17 Model Kit
Best B-17 Model KitImageScoreLink
Revell B-17G Flying FortressRevell B-17G Flying Fortress4.5buy
Revell of Germany B-17G Flying FortressRevell of Germany B-17G Flying Fortress4.5buy
Revell of Germany B-17F Model KitRevell of Germany B-17F Model Kit4.4buy
Revell B-17F Memphis Belle Model KitRevell B-17F Memphis Belle Model Kit4.2buy
Guillow’s Boeing B-17G Model KitGuillow’s Boeing B-17G Model Kit4.6buy

Hello guys, today, I will introduce you to the best B-17 model kit, which can be a great addition to your aircraft collection, especially for aircraft enthusiasts.

Best B-17 Model Kit

Pilots are often engineers at heart, and hence, putting together models is such a perfect hobby for them. They appreciate a variety of tools like aviation headsets, pilot’s kneeboards, etc. Patterned after some of the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress ever to patrol the skies, these model airplane kits are the next best thing. They make an attractive addition to your collection, along with being challenging and fun to put together since they come with detailed structures. Today, we shall discuss various kinds of B-17 model kits. Let us check out the best five available in the market.

1. Revell B-17G Flying Fortress

Revell B-17G Flying FortressWith 148 parts in silver, black, and raised panel lines, this B-17 model kit comes with detailed gun turrets, full interior framing, landing wheels, and gears. With a difficulty level of 4, its wingspan is 26”, 19.2” long along with cockpit, landing gear, and waterslide decals.

2. Revell of Germany B-17G Flying Fortress

Revell of Germany B-17G Flying FortressFeaturing a super detailed cockpit, multi-movable parts, bombs with bomb bay, this model kit comes with 152 pieces of 1:72 scale size. The four-engine heavy bomber also has Bendix remotely operated chin and tail gun turrets and one decal sheet with 2 versions.

3. Revell of Germany B-17F Model Kit

Revell of Germany B-17F Model KitIt comes with detailed cockpit consoles and individual seats and radio. It also has four radial engines, bombs, and bomb bay racks. Being a highly detailed model from inside out, it requires light sanding to allow the clean fit of fuselage halves since clearances are very tight.

4. Revell B-17F Memphis Belle Model Kit

Revell B-17F Memphis Belle Model KitAs a 1:48 queen size scale aircraft, this model kit has 107 parts with a difficulty level of 5. It is 48 times smaller than the real object. However, they are less detailed on the interior with a different cockpit set up. WWII aircraft builders will love working with this B-17 model kit.

5. Guillow’s Boeing B-17G Model Kit

Guillow’s Boeing B-17G Model KitWith its 45 3/4” wingspan, it is a fine balsa model kit with quality materials and detailed instructions. Designed as a large flying or Build ‘N Show display model, they are the replica featuring true to life action parts like sliding canopies, drop-able bombs, etc.

After a lot of research, my choice is the Revell B-17G Flying Fortress. It is known to have carried the air war between Germany and Japan and is rugged, heavily armed, and dependable. You can find the products link in table.

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