MAG 322 W1 IPTV Box Review of 2021 – Know The Worth

MAG322 W1 IPTV Box

Online Streaming of movies and series is a trend these days. Talking about online streaming, we come across many terms from Youtube to Netflix, and many unheard streaming apps and sites too. IPTV is one of them, it is an internet-based streaming mode to deliver television series and movies. As the name says IPTV, uses Internet Protocol (IP), a transport protocol that is a delivery method to provide videos directly to the audience on their television screen. 

Before I begin the MAG322 W1 IPTV Box description, let me tell you the features you should look for in an IPTV before you buy one. It would be good to pay attention to its processor, the RAM, and flash memory. The built-in wifi features, its compatibility with programs, build quality, lifespan, guarantee, and warranty. Last but not least, make sure that the IPTV box comes with remote control and an HDMI cable. 

MAG 322 W1 IPTV Box

MAG322 W1 IPTV boxThe W1 in the MAG322 W1 signifies that the box has built-in wifi and is compatible with 2.4ghz channels. The setup was easy as it had simple menus and did not have any complex and tricky settings to be done. Connecting it with the internet was done quickly, and finding channels was also not a big deal. 


  • Compact in size, but had excellent efficiency in working.
  • This IPTV box is light in weight, and it weighs around 144 grams only.
  • It has a RAM of 512 MB, which is enough for fast loading and quick menus.
  • It has a dual-core 750 MHz CPU.
  • It has twice the memory flash that its older versions.
  • You can stream up to 1080p resolution with this box.
  • It has built-in wifi.
  • It uses the Linux 3.3 version, which is more optimized than its older versions.
  • Build quality is excellent; it has bigger and softer buttons.
  • The power button is highly responsive and easy to use.
  • The initial boot setup sequence was pretty quick.
  • It has two USB ports, the second one for anyone who wants to use an adapter.
  • The wifi signal was quite clear and strong enough.



To present my final remarks, I would say that MAG322 W1 is faster, highly technological, better, and faster than its other versions. It runs smoother, has a wireless setup which is quite good. MAG322 W1 is an excellent buy. It is a solid, reliable TV box and does its job pretty well.

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