DL2032 vs CR2032 – Are both Alternatives?

DL2032 vs CR2032

One question that is almost asked a million times is “DL2032 vs CR2032” which one is better, and what is the major difference. Now to start first with, both of these batteries are coin cells and are very useful in regular lives. So in this article, I will be listing out the exact difference between DL2032 vs CR2032 and which one is better. So now what are you waiting for? Let’s have a look at DL2032 vs CR2032.

DL2032 vs CR2032

Let’s first compare the specifications of each battery:

Let us first have a look at the DL2032Now let us compare it with the CR2032
Shelf Life: 10 YearsShelf Life: 8 Years
Chemistry: Lithium, high powerChemistry: Lithium, high power
Power: 3V power and 225mAh capacityPower: 3V power and 225mAh capacity
Overall Weight: 8 gOverall Weight: 3 g
Dimensions: 19mm*19mm*3mmDimensions: 20mm*3.2mm
Type: Coin CellType: Coin Cell
Reusability: NoReusability: No

Now that you have a clear picture of both the batteries. Let me tell you that both of them are just the same and can be interchangeable. You can use these batteries alternatively as per your choice and requirements. The only limitation of the batteries is that they are non-reusable. So make sure you use them and share your experience in the comment section below.

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