Black Friday TV Deals – The Unlimited Resolution, Specs and DIscounts


This modern-day era demands entertainment and if you have the best quality TV. this black Friday deal is all about the best-discounted rates on TV. If you are looking for a high definition TV with the latest specs, features and utilities then this article is for you. You will find the top products in this article too.

Black Friday TV Deals

Black Friday TV DealsImageScoreLink
TCL 40 inch Smart
TCL 40 inch Smart LED TV4.6buy
Insignia Smart
Insignia Smart HD TV4.6buy
TCL Class 4-Series
TCL Class 4-Series Roku LED TV4.7buy
Toshiba Dolby
Vision Fire TV
Toshiba Dolby Vision Fire TV4.6buy
TCL Roku Smart
TCL Roku Smart TV4.6buy
TCL 6 Series Roku
Smart TV
TCL 6 Series Roku Smart TV4.5buy
Sony Bravia XR
Smart TV
Sony Bravia XR Smart TV4.6buy
Hisense Quantum
4K Smart TV
Hisense Quantum 4K Smart TV 4.5buy

So now without any doubt, let’s have a look at the products and choose the ideal match for yourself.

1. TCL 40 inch Smart LED TV 

  • TCL 40 inch Smart LED TVIt has super voice control and works with Amazon Alexa, google assistant and more. 
  • It also has smart functionality to feature more than 500000 movies or tv shows.
  • It offers 1080p full HD resolution with perfect contrast, colour and detail. ‘
  • It offers great picture quality with many input options too and has a screen size of 40 inches.


2. Insignia Smart HD TV 

  • Insignia Smart HD TVIt is a 31.5-inch tv with supported internet services that covers Netflix, Pandora and more. 
  • It has flexible connectivity technology control through Wi-Fi and Ethernet. 
  • It has a resolution of 720p and top-notch LED display technology. 
  • It is a fire TV that integrates with other streaming channels and requires an HD antenna too. 


3. TCL Class 4-Series Roku LED TV

  • TCL Class 4-Series Roku LED TVIt is a 50 inches tv with a TV stand and supported internet service to stream Skype, Youtube, Netflix and more. 
  • It also offers impeccable connectivity technology like Wi-Fi, USB and HDMI. 
  • It offers the latest 4k resolution with LED display technology on a 60hz refresh rate. 
  • It has multiple inputs like 3HDMI, RF, Composite, headphone jack, ethernet and more. 


4. Toshiba Dolby Vision Fire TV

  • Toshiba Dolby Vision Fire TVIt is the latest Toshiba 42.5 inches TV with 4K resolution and LED display technology. 
  • It has a voice remote that comes with Alexa to with apps, music and home devices. 
  • With Toshiba, you can expect endless entertainment and watch over 500000 streaming movies, TV shows, episodes and more. 
  • You can enjoy your favourite content through fire TV and seamless live streaming channels. 


5. TCL Roku Smart TV 

  • TCL Roku Smart TVIt is a super 4k ultra HD picture clarity Tv with the perfect contrast, colour and HDR vision for the best Television experience. 
  • It features Quantum dot technology with the right amount of brightness and wide colour volume too. 
  • It is a Roku smart TV platform that has access to thousands of streaming channels and optimized fast-response. 
  • It has easy voice control with an enabled remote control including amazon Alexa and google assistant. 


6. TCL 6 Series Roku Smart TV 

  • TCL 6 Series Roku Smart TVThe TCL 6 series Roku smart TV is one of the best sellers and has a 4k resolution. 
  • It has a screen size of 65 inches and supported internet services like Netflix, Spotify, Youtube and more. 
  • It has a refresh rate of 120Hz and integrated connectivity technology like Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI and more. 
  • It has some unique special features like wide colour QLED technology, Dolby Vision, Contrast Control zone and more.


7. Sony Bravia XR Smart TV

  • Sony Bravia XR Smart TVIt is a 65 inches Sony Bravia XR full array LED tv with 4k resolution and better connectivity. 
  • It features supported internet services like Google TV, amazon instant video, youtube and Netflix. 
  • It has precise backlight control that handles the real-life depth, brightness and high peaks. 
  • It is also perfect for PlayStation 5 and has an input lag as low as 8.5ms. It has smooth integration with Alexa too.


8. Hisense Quantum 4K Smart TV 

  • Hisense Quantum 4K Smart TV It is a 75 inches TV with 4K ULED technology and amazing boost colour, brightness and contrast motion. 
  • It offers Dolby vision picture and Dolby atmos sound technology that provides real-life experience. 
  • It is collaborating with filmmakers, studies and the UHD alliance so now you can trust this product blindly. 
  • It also offers a 100 day no regret guarantee that offers a free trial to the customers for their satisfaction. 


Now that you have reviewed all products, sort out your budget and needs too. Choose your TV as the deals are only limited for some time.

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