Best Vintage Graphic Equalizer – Top Picks of 2020

Best Vintage Graphic Equalizer
Best Vintage Graphic EqualizerImageScoreLink
EMB-Eqb75- Dual 10 Band stereo equalizer
EMB-Eqb75- Dual 10 Band stereo equalizer3.4buy
EMB Professional Graphic equalizer
EMB Professional Graphic equalizer4.1buy
BEHRINGER Graphic equalizerBEHRINGER Graphic equalizer3.8buy
ART EQ341 Dual-channel 15-band equalizer
ART EQ341 Dual-channel 15-band equalizer4.0buy
ART EQ355 Dual Channel 31-band equalizer
ART EQ355 Dual Channel 31-band equalizer4.5buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the best Vintage graphic equalizer. 

Best Vintage Graphic Equalizer

The equalizer is one of the inventions that gave strength and balance to the audio output. In the earlier days, the equalizers were different from the audio output devices. The graphic equalizers are different from the Parametric equalizers and use sliders for controlling the settings. Today, things have changed, and every device, from the smallest iPods to smartphones to even the boombox, all have their equalizers. Nevertheless, the graphic equalizers offer clear visibility of the frequencies and adjust it above 12 bands for every channel. There are the high pass filters and more features you will find in these Graphic equalizers for optimum clarity. Many brands are offering these vintage equalizers for your audio output to give your music production more robustness. 

1. EMB-Eqb75- Dual 10 Band stereo Equalizer

EMB-Eqb75- Dual 10 Band stereo equalizerThe product gets a Spectrum analyzer that shows the output of the system with great clarity. The LED’s in all sliders two-line inputs and dual tape monitor loops tuner or CD or Tape outputs. The product has a power supply of a maximum of 20w. 

2. EMB Professional Graphic Equalizer

EMB Professional Graphic equalizerThe type 3 NR limiter is ideal for home or a DJ performance or the live club or entertainment performances. The product has a gain value between +/-6Db or +/-15Db. The equalizers have ¼ inch TRS and can offer dual 31 bands for the output. There are 1- range two-channel selector switches.

3. BEHRINGER Graphic Equalizer

BEHRINGER Graphic equalizerThe dedicated mono subwoofer output with adjustable crossover frequency and the additional low-cut filter removes unwanted frequencies. There is a Feedback detection system to reveal critical frequencies, and it is also ideal for use as an audio analyzer with an ultra-low noise amplifier. 

4. ART EQ341 Dual-channel 15-Band equalizer

ART EQ341 Dual-channel 15-band equalizerThe product has variable input level control, selectable boost or cut a range of 6dB or 12Db and has 20mm center detent sliders. The constant Q Circuitry with a 3% center frequency accuracy is to be noted. The product has active balanced and unbalanced input and output. 

5.  ART EQ355 Dual Channel 31-Band Equalizer

ART EQ355 Dual Channel 31-band equalizerThe equalizer has an adjustable high pass and low-pass filters and variable input level controls. It has a constant Q Circuitry and 20mm center detent sliders. It has signal clip level indicators, ground lift switch and internal power supply, and even unbalanced RCA input and output connections. 

After a lot of consideration, my choice is the EMB-Eqb75- Dual 10 Band stereo equalizer. The product has a multi-colored spectrum analyzer and ten bands of a graphic equalizer for every channel. You can find the products link in table.

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