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Best Radiator for PC
Best Radiator for PCImageScoreLink
CORSAIR H100i Hydro Series Radiator
CORSAIR H100i Hydro Series Radiator3.7buy
XSPC EX360 High-performance RadiatorXSPC EX360 High-performance Radiator4.4buy
XSPC EX240 Radiator
XSPC EX240 Radiator4.1buy
XSPC EX120 Single Fan RadiatorXSPC EX120 Single Fan Radiator5.0buy
XSPC EX280 Radiator
XSPC EX280 Radiator4.6buy

Hello, guys today I will be introducing to you the best PC Radiator that cools your PC as you work for hours on it.

Best Radiator for PC

It is true that when you work on the computer for long, it might become warm. This is why it is necessary to go for the best PC radiator. With proper radiator, the heat from the machine will go out and keep the PC cool and functional for long. A few people install fans and even air conditioner for the PC. However, these are also great as is the radiator that works in the same manner as the ones in the household. There are plenty of brands making the best radiators. Let us check out the foremost five.

1. CORSAIR H100i Hydro Series RadiatorCORSAIR H100i Hydro Series Radiator

The radiator gets dual 120mm fans and advanced RGB Lighting. The High-density 240mm radiator fits any modern PC unit well. The CORSAIR Link software allows you to manage and monitor the fans and coolant temperatures. The tool-free mounting makes the installation simple.

2. XSPC EX360 High-performance RadiatorXSPC EX360 High-performance Radiator

The high-performance radiator from XSPC can support three fans of 120mm each. The radiator also gets soldered parts, and the high-performance low-speed fans work in its favor too. The low profile EX Series from XSPC model gets superior fans for optimized use.

3. XSPC EX240 RadiatorXSPC EX240 Radiator

The XSPC low profile radiator gets split fins, welded seam tubes and better features for durable performance. The product has dual fans and can produce the supercooling effect with low noise. This is from the EX Series of radiators that gets the combined effects of RS and RX V1 Series.

4. XSPC EX120 Single Fan RadiatorXSPC EX120 Single Fan Radiator

The product is from the EX series that is a combination of two famous range of radiators from XSPC- the RS Series and the RX V1 Series. The single fan can deliver better and long-term cooling to the PC.

5. XSPC EX280 RadiatorXSPC EX280 Radiator

This radiator gets copper and brass core and dual fans to give in the cool air. The radiator gets the frame in matte black, and core is also painted in black. The G1/4” ports and the advanced technology make this EX Series of fans very popular.

After a lot of considerations, I have found the CORSAIR H100i Hydro Series Radiator to be the best. The product gets Link software that allows better and simpler monitoring of the coolant. You can find the products link in table.

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