Best Non-Graphing Calculator – Buying Guide of 2020

Best Non-Graphing Calculator
Best Non-Graphing CalculatorImageScoreLink
Texas Instruments TI-36X ProTexas Instruments TI-36X Pro4.7buy
HP 35s Scientific CalculatorHP 35s Scientific Calculator4.4buy
Sharp EL-W516TBSLSharp EL-W516TBSL4.1buy
Fx82es plus Scientific CalculatorFx82es plus Scientific Calculator4.2buy
Casio FX350ES plus Scientific CalculatorCasio FX350ES plus Scientific Calculator4.2buy

Hello everyone, in today’s video we are going to discuss some of the best Non-Graphing Calculators for all of your computing needs.

Best Non-Graphing Calculator

Calculators are one of the best inventions of our times, and the ability to manipulate numbers at ultra-high speeds is actually the foundation of computer technologies. The history of calculators start many centuries ago with the very primitive Abacus and has since been through several revolutions to the high-speed calculator apps on our phones that we see and use today. There are many kinds of handheld calculators out there, and we are going to talk about the non-graphing kind.

Non-graphing calculators, also commonly known as scientific calculators, are used by students and professionals alike, all over the world. These are the ones that cannot plot graphs but can do everything else. Graphing calculators are banned on most of the exam halls because it makes things easier and only non-graphing calculators are allowed. Let us see 5 of the best non-graphing calculators and where to buy them.

1. Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro

Texas Instruments TI-36X ProTexas Instruments is one of the premier electronics manufacturers from the USA. Their calculators are trusted and used by millions of students and professionals for their computing needs. The MultiView display technology allows multiple calculations to be shown at the same time. The screen is a large 4 line display that makes use of the MathPrint technology which shows expressions and symbols as they are shown in the textbook. If you are a student, you would know how much useful both of these features can be. The device is solar-powered and can last many years.

2. HP 35s Scientific Calculator

HP 35s Scientific CalculatorHewlett Packard is a very popular name in the computing industry, and their line of calculators are also popular. This high-quality non-graphing calculator is the only scientific calculator that allows input in both RPN mode and algebraic mode. The display has an adjustable contrast feature that changes the contrast depending on the ambient light.  HP offers a limited warranty of one year and Free Amazon Support for 90 days when you purchase this from Amazon. Priced at about 60 dollars, the product is very durable, efficient and comes with a premium protective case.

3. Sharp EL-W516TBSL 

Sharp EL-W516TBSLThis non-graphing calculator comes with a large 16 digit display that has 4 lines of content. This makes it suitable for large equations that involve fractions. It has a Write View display, which means that the symbols and notations are shown exactly as they are seen in textbooks. It also has a built-in solar panel to recharge the batteries. The list price of this calculator on Amazon is 27.99 dollars and comes with free Amazon technical support over chat for up to 90 days from the date of purchase.

4. Fx82es plus Scientific Calculator

Fx82es plus Scientific CalculatorThis is the one I have used in my college days and I still own it. I have used this extensively and has helped me with all the needs an engineering student could have. It has a dot matrix display and comes with 252 pre-loaded functions. There is also another version of this calculator with a solar panel to charge the battery, which is actually unnecessary because the battery can last many years and can be easily replaced.

5. Casio FX350ES plus Scientific Calculator

Casio FX350ES plus Scientific CalculatorAt the very bottom of this list is the Casio FX350ES plus Scientific Calculator. Casio is a very popular brand among university students, and many professors also tell their students to get one of these. These are cheap and very durable. You can buy one of these and they will last you through your lifetime. Change the battery and you can even give this to your kid. It boasts of having 252 Functions. Available at only 20 dollars on amazon, this is worth every dollar.

Personally, I would go for the Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro. This product has a lot of nice features and is budget-friendly as well. It also has all the necessary features a calculator should have and many more. You can find the products link in table.

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