Best Magnetic Loop Antenna – Lightweight and Economical

Best Magnetic Loop Antenna

It is challenging to choose the best magnetic loop antenna. It solely depends on several variables that depend on what you decide to consider.

Also, it can be annoying to constantly move your antenna due to excessive interference and a stronger signal.

However, you have to pick one at the end of the day. Since there are numerous antennas on the market with many of the same characteristics; as a result, choosing the optimum magnetic loop antenna might be difficult.

Best Magnetic Loop Antenna

Best Magnetic
Loop Antenna
YouLoop Magnetic
Portable Antenna
YouLoop Magnetic Portable Antennabuy
MLA-30 Loop
MLA-30 Loop Antennabuy
Alpha Antenna 10-80M
HF MagLoop
Alpha Antenna 10-80M HF MagLoopbuy

That’s why we are sharing the best magnetic loop antenna through this article. 

1. YouLoop Magnetic Portable Antenna

YouLoop Magnetic Portable AntennaFeatures:

  • It is a high-quality loop magnetic antenna with a super portable design. This antenna is just perfect for indoor use.
  • It is a passive magnetic antenna. Therefore, it doesn’t need to be tuned to function well.
  • Another advantage is that it can function with the RTL-SDR V3 in direct sampling mode.
  • The HF response has a fairly broad frequency range, spanning 10 kHz to 30 MHz. The VHF response, on the other hand, has a frequency range that can reach 300MHz.


2. MLA-30 Loop Antenna

MLA-30 Loop AntennaFeatures:

  • You can install it anywhere that seems suitable, including your veranda or rooftops. Make sure you install everything correctly.
  • The MLA loop is excellent and efficient for individuals who enjoy amateur radio and short-wave listening.
  • Additionally, the primary frequency coverage of this RICH MLA 30 antenna is 100 kHz to 30 MHz, which is precisely suitable for residential regions.
  • It is preferable to many conventional antennas for weak signals because of its capacity for in-depth search.


3. Alpha Antenna 10-80M HF MagLoop

Alpha Antenna 10-80M HF MagLoopFeatures:

  • It has 100 Watts power rating and can produce enough power to travel far for sound signals.
  • Because the transmitting loop is so tiny, you won’t need to tap on the antenna coils or use counterpoise wires.
  • This antenna provides a received signal range of 7MHz – 29.7MHz or 3.5MHz – 7MHz using an inbuilt tuner that runs on a 6:1 reduction scale. The antenna must, however, be connected to a booster wire.
  • A double loop that extends over 21 feet and creates a double skin effect is evidence that this antenna’s efficiency is also guaranteed.


These are currently the three best options available in the market which you can choose from; there are several more out there; however, considering the quality and price, we found these three to be worthy of listing.

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