Know the Difference Between Abstract and Introduction


If you are writing a paper for the school or college or doing thesis writing, then you most probably know about the abstract and introduction. Many peoples still get confused about the difference between the both as they are similar in nature. This article will give you a perfect idea of what is the difference between an abstract and an introduction.

Difference between abstract and introduction

Did you read the first paragraph of this article? Then you have just gone through the introduction. An introduction is the beginning of the body of any article or research paper. It hones the reader’s hunger to read more in the post as well as gives an idea of what kind of taste the reader will get in the other sections of the write-up.

An abstract is also placed at the beginning of the thesis or a scholarly article and contains what the reader will get in and at the end of the paper and the main part of the conclusion. It is written as a summary.

Abstract Vs Introduction

An abstract is called a synopsis sometimes. It is referred as a small form of a whole and final write-up. It saves a lot of time of readers by making them understand the whole idea of the thesis in a short paragraph. Readers will know what they will find and get in the article by reading the abstract. Generally, a Ph.D. article, the journal of medicine to sociology contains an abstract at the beginning of the body. Also when we attend any seminar or conference, a verbal, as well as written abstract, is presented before the start. What a brief explanation of the whole write-up is contained in an abstract.

On the other hand, an introduction is the form of a short section at the beginning of an article or a book which introduces the topic of the thesis or book to the reader. The reader gets to know what will be contained and why he should read the article or book. In short, an introduction gives the purpose for reading. Generally, a novel, a non-fiction book, a news article, a magazine or even a post on blog or website contains an introduction at the beginning of the body. It gives a clear idea about the book or article contents and focuses the light on the idea behind making that piece of writing.

In short, if you want a quick compare of abstract versus introduction, then we can say that an abstract is a touchdown to the subject of the thesis or research in brief and an introduction covers the idea behind the writing the topic, what the topic will provide, and what the result of the topic will be provided to the reader.


  • The abstract and introduction have similar bodies and can be found at the top of the piece of content.
  • Both of them gives an idea to the reader what the topic of the content.
  • They prepare the reader to read further content with a subject in mind beforehand.
  • Where the abstract provides the purpose of reading, the introduction draws the interest of the reader.
  • The abstract can be found at the top of the thesis or research paper while the introduction can be found at the top of any kind of the content piece.

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