Best Tagging Gun for Clothing – Top Rated Tag Attacher Guns of 2020

Best Tagging Gun
Best Tagging GunImageScoreLink
AMRAM Comfort Grip Tagging GunAMRAM Comfort Grip Tagging Gun3.9buy
Ogrmar Clothing Garment Tag Gun
Ogrmar Clothing Garment Tag Gun4.2buy
Acehome Price Tag Gun
Acehome Price Tag Gun4.5buy
Gillraj Milan Clothes Tagging Gun
Gillraj Milan Clothes Tagging Gun4.6buy
Desired Tools Clothes Tagging Gun
Clothes Tagging Gun4.5buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the best price- tagging gun available in the market. 

Best Tagging Gun

Sellers of clothes and smaller items like jewelry and accessories need using price tags. These tags have a barcode and the price, along with the brand name and more. A price tagging gun is necessary to attach these tags on clothing and other accessories. These guns help make a small hole in the hemline or the collar edge of the clothing and affixing the tags. It helps in pushing a plastic barb through these holes, thereby allowing you to slip in the tags alongside. Now many brands make these tagging guns. Let us check five of the top brands and makes of tagging guns available. 

1. AMRAM Comfort Grip Tagging Gun

AMRAM Comfort Grip Tagging GunThe tagging gun gets 5000 2” attachments for one needle. The tagging gun operates with great comfort and that too, with less fatigue. The tagging gun is ideal for tagging on fabrics like cotton, denim, polyester, and even on synthetic fabrics like silk. 

2. Ogrmar Clothing Garment Tag Gun

Ogrmar Clothing Garment Tag GunThe product comes with 5000 pieces of barbs approximately the size of 50mm/2”. The hard plastic blue and the grey gun come with six pieces of needles. The product can be of use on price labels of garments, toys, luggage, shopping bags, and more.

3. Acehome Price Tag Gun

Acehome Price Tag GunThe BS One price tag gun is harmless to use with perfectly thick needles. The standard needle is 0.08inch needles can create tiny holes for the barbs to pass through. The gun is ideal for different types of fabrics, including polyester, denim and even delicate silks and more. 

4. Gillraj Milan Clothes Tagging Gun

Gillraj Milan Clothes Tagging GunThe product is made of hard plastic construction with regular size stainless steel needles. The heavy-duty body and long testing mechanism help in both personal and specialist. The gun kit comprises of standard 1 inch 5000 propylene material fasteners or barbs. 

5. Desired Tools Clothes Tagging Gun

Clothes Tagging GunThe tagging guns are ideal for tags, labels, security tags, and accessories. The high-quality tag gun is made of solid ABS-plastic body. The steel needle is 1” long and has a regular thickness for outstanding versatility. The product is convenient to load, reload, and improved the anti-jam design.

After a lot of research, my choice is AMRAM Comfort Grip Tagging Gun. The Tagging gun is ideal for a variety of projects and gives excellent grip while tagging. You can find the products link in table.

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  1. I appreciate your many product comparisons and am taking your advise on which product to purchase.
    My only comment/advise is to update your videos. I was assuming the videos would be a demonstration of the #1 product you chose. However, the video I watched was nothing more than a photo of each product while listening to a very unclear, choppy computer read the exact description written in your article. I would highly recommend demonstrating how the actual product works, fits in your hand, looks, etc… As well as having a live person narrate the video.

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