Logitech G502 Vs G602 – Compared and Reviewed


Mostly every computer or technological geek knows about the ‘Logitech.’ Logitech has now become a brand name, and people are trusting Logitech’s products and accessories like it is the best. Logitech has founded 35 years ago, on 2nd October 1981. So it is an old traditional company, and that is why people tend to trust it. Its headquarter is in Lausanne, Switzerland, and so we can say that it is a Swiss company which is serving worldwide! It is famous for its products of Computer peripherals as well as Mobile peripherals.  

Here I am going to talk about the Tunable Gaming Mouse. I will discuss Logitech G502 v/s G602. Read on…

  • The one of the major difference between G502 v/s G602 is ‘wire.’ G502 is a wired mouse, and G602 is a wireless mouse.
  • Apart from that G502 has a high dpi of 1200, whereas G602 has a dpi from 250 to 2500.
  • G602 is a large mouse, and it is having a medium weight, where the G502 weight is adjustable.
  • G502 has infinite scroll don facility. And as compare to G502, Logitech G602 has some more buttons on the sides.
  • G602 has a smooth design, and it is more ergonomic as compare to G502.
  • G502 weight is 168 grams, and G602 weight is approx. 431 grams. So, if you want a lightweight mouse, you should rely on the weight of G502.

Apart from that,

G502 has

  •    Best tracking performance. Good optical sensor.
  •    11 programmable buttons.
  •    For a personalized feel and better performance, there is weight and balance tuning Up to five 3.6g weights.
  •    A 32- bit ARM processor.
  •    Improved dual mode scroll wheel.
  •    Hardware warranty for 3 years.
  •    team Height is 40 Millimeters.
  •   Item Width is 7.5 Centimeters.

G602 has

  •    Up to 250 hours battery life.
  •    Non-stop gaming, 8 times greater than any other wireless mouse.
  •    Cursor control is high.
  •    The technology of delta zero sensors.
  •    This mouse can be easily switched between 2 modes. This benefits to save power.
  •    Logitech G602 can work with windows 7, windows 8 and windows vista.
  •    Logitech G602 also works with Mac.
  •    G602 also has a battery life indicator. Whenever the charge is running low, the LED indicates you.
  •    Logitech G602 buttons (Left/Right) can be clicked for 20 million times.


I tried to tell you about each model’s description. Now it’s up to you whether you want to go for Logitech G502 or Logitech G602. As per my opinion, Logitech G602 buttons are thoughtfully located and having a fast and accurate control. So, G502 v/s G602 can be concluded with the opinion that you should go for the G602, as it is wireless, and with tremendous battery life.

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